Every time a broker or an agent has to deal with multiple MLSs to do business, we all lose.

176,000 brokers and agents in Florida depend on the MLS every day. Let’s work together to give them the edge they need and change/fix overlapping market disorder.

Overlapping Market Disorder

It’s illogical to have more than one MLS serve a market area. With dozens of MLSs in Florida, the waste of time, money and energy is palpable. Today, it surfaces as broker frustration. Tomorrow, it could become the reason that brokers and agents come to rely on third parties other than the MLS, because they’re simply easier to do business with.

Multiple Listing Entry

There is no reason any agent should have to enter a listing more than once in an MLS. Duplicate entry is not only a waste of time, but it feeds inaccuracy since errors are introduced into the copycat listings. Since competing MLSs do not routinely compare identical listings to enforce accuracy, it’s impossible for consumers to know which listing is correct.

Listing Duplication is Silly

In some areas in Florida, as many as seven out of 10 active listings and agents are duplicated in overlapping MLSs. There’s no question that this wastes the time, money and energy of brokers and agents. If you operate in a market that is served by multiple MLSs, allow Stellar to help you make the transition to a single MLS and watch your member satisfaction soar.

Conflicting and Confusing Rules

Multiple MLSs operating in a single service area means that brokers and agents must navigate rulesets that can and often do conflict. What’s correct in one MLS may not be permissible in the other, leading to pain and frustration — and wasted energy and money.

Data Sharing Solves Nothing

The concept of data sharing, where competing MLSs enable each other’s members to see the data in their respective systems, does not resolve conflicting rules, multiple listing entry or market overlap. Data sharing is a panacea that has enabled MLSs to avoid consolidation for the benefit of brokers for far too long. Brokers and agents cooperate every day to sell real estate. MLSs should do so too.

Excess Technology Spend

Every broker that needs to become a member of multiple MLSs just to market their listings is in favor of consolidation. Why? Dealing with one MLS that has all of the listings in their service area reduces complexity and cost and increases efficiencies for brokers. It’s logical.

Agents at Risk

Every time a consumer calls an agent, and the agent doesn’t have the answer about a listing down the street because it’s in another MLS, the agent’s value is diminished. Every MLS should empower agents with the best data available, instead of putting walls in the way that prevent agents from knowing more about what’s on the market than the consumer.

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