Luxury Bathroom Lookups Have Arrived!

Since everyone is spending more time at home, it's only natural that some features have become “must haves" for home buyers and renters. Customers are searching for mini sanctuaries from the hectic world, and luxury bathroom amenities are growing in popularity. Well, Stellar MLS has you covered. This month we have added some extra bathroom feature look-ups to ensure that you find the perfect at-home sanctuary for your customer.

One of the hottest rising search trends that customers are seeking is bathroom features. If you are working with a customer who wants luxury bathroom perks, you can search for features including tall countertops, a clawfoot tub, a steam shower, multiple shower heads, or a sauna. If you’re a selling agent, you can now enter more sought-after bath amenities to your listing and get more eyes looking at your property!


New Bathroom Feature Lookups Gallery


How to find the new Bathroom Feature lookups:

  • Access your Stellar MLS Dashboard by logging in to your account through
  • Click on the Matrix icon located on your Dashboard.
  • Once logged in to Matrix, Click on the Add/Edit tab.
  • You can find these specific bathroom features by entering a new Rental or Residential Listing.
  • Click the Rooms Tab.
  • You will see the new bath amenities options under the Room Features section.


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For complete details about the latest Matrix Enhancements check out the downloadable PowerPoint here.

For questions, please email us at or call 800-686-7451.

Karmen Joy M. Barrios

Marketing Coordinator