Matrix Update - Bug Fixes

MFRMLS is happy announce the following Matrix bugs have been fixed:

Function Description
CMA An error would occur when attempting to add comparable listings to a CMA from a Cart if the CMA was initially created without a Contact Name associated to it.

This error has been corrected.

Email When sending an email from Matrix, the Send button could be clicked multiple times resulting in duplicate copies of the email being sent.

The Send button now becomes disabled immediately after clicked once, to prevent duplications.

Portal Links on individual listings in an Auto Email message would incorrectly take the recipient to the Map, List, or Gallery view of the Portal.

Link now correctly goes to that listing’s full display.

Print to PDF When generating PDFs of displays which include interactive maps, the PDF would “time out” waiting for all the map tiles and layers to be loaded.

Interactive maps in PDFs now display as static images, pulled from CoreLogic’s mapping service, to avoid time-outs.

A minor difference is that maps which have the property’s parcel highlighted on screen will not have the parcel highlighted in PDFs.

Carts Contact names displayed in the Cart Manager are now consistent with how contact names are displayed in the Contact Manager. That is - Last Name, First Name.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 800-686-7451.

Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist