What is MLS Grid?

The MLS Grid is 100% RESO Data Dictionary compliant and partners with numerous MLSs across the United States to streamline the process of pulling listing data in a standardized and consistent format.

A Modern API Solution for IDX
MLS Grid makes it easier and more cost effective for brokers, agents and web developers to operate real estate websites with up-to-date MLS data. Because MLS Grid is a modern API solution, the pool of tech talent that can assist you with adding an IDX feed to your website and maintaining it is now expanded. RETS is an outdated IDX model that is served by a small group of vendors, which drives up cost and production time for brokers and agents who want to add MLS data feeds to their websites. Level up your website options with MLS GRID!



  • Easier to hire developers as API technology is universal (developers don't need to learn industry specific/proprietary RETS technology)
  • Shorter development time and streamlined setup!
    • Your vendor enters in your license information
    • Broker approves setup
    • Vendor finalizes
    • MLS signs off and the license becomes active for your website(s) and/or your agents’ website(s)



  • Working with other MLS's that use Grid? Easier to pull data as it is in the same format
  • RESO Data Dictionary compatible
  • Manage all your clients in one location


Stellar's Transition Timeline

Stellar MLS will Fully Switch to MLS GRID in 2021

Stellar MLS is now using MLS Grid exclusively for new IDX requests, and we are currently transitioning participating IDX brokers and vendors from outdated RETS agreements. We are alerting you the benefits of switching to MLS GRID now so you have ample time to prepare your transition away from RETS. Stellar MLS will be fully transitioning to MLS GRID in December of 2021. At that time, RETS will no longer be an option for IDX feeds.

Switch to MLS Grid Today!

Don't get left behind! Once Stellar completes its transition, only customers with access to MLS Grid will be able to pull our data.



Brokers, avoid interruption to your service by following these steps to sign a data license agreement between your brokerage, Stellar MLS, and your vendor.

Download Broker Instructions



Vendors, new to MLS Grid? You can follow these steps to create your data subscription and add your first broker/agent customer.

Download Vendor Instructions

MLS Grid Vendor Registration Page

Customer Support

If you need additional guidance, please reach out to Stellar’s Data Services team at datadelivery@stellarmls.com or 800-686-7451.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


MLS Grid is the new platform we use for distributing and handling IDX requests.

Currently all new IDX requests are processed and put into the MLS Grid platform.

In December of 2021, the RETS platform will no longer be available for IDX data feeds. Stellar MLS will be fully transitioned to the MLS Grid. We highly encourage you to make the switch as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions in your service.

Click here to start the process today.

If you have not signed a license and transitioned to the MLS Grid platform by December 2021, you will no longer be able to pull listing data from Stellar MLS.


The MLS Grid has created ONE standard license agreement for each type of data feed. If you have an IDX website and belong to multiple MLSs you will sign only ONE license agreement for all the IDX listings from the MLSs to which you belong.

Participation in the MLS Grid is at your MLS’s discretion. Listings entered into participating MLSs and authorized for Internet display will automatically be sent to the MLS Grid.

No. You will only pay the license fee required by your MLS to access data. The MLS Grid will collect any license fee required by participating MLSs on their behalf.

Corelogic’s Trestle provides an easy platform for an MLS to become RESO compliant.

Upstream is a broker owned platform for entry and distribution to MLSs.

The MLS Grid accepts data direct from participating MLSs. The data is filtered into ONE RESO compliant usable format and made accessible to brokers and vendors through ONE data feed, with ONE license agreement, and ONE set of rules and display guidelines. The MLS Grid’s focus is on the use of the MLS-wide compilation.