Now Available! OneHome™ is the Latest Evolution of the Matrix™ Customer Portal!

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OneHome™, a new and improved customer portal integrated with Matrix, is launching soon for Stellar customers. You will be able to share listing information with your customers and prospects, who will then have access to a modern and user-friendly platform to help them find homes in communities they love!

Available to your customers by invitation only, OneHome™ will better enable you to help homebuyers find the right property faster and better connect with your customers when it matters, in a way that matters. With OneHome™, you will have more ways to connect with your customers than ever before!

OneHome™ Helps You Stay Connected to Your Customers

Take a look at some of the top features of OneHome™!


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Matrix Integration

The new Contact Manager in Matrix makes it a breeze to keep track of a customer’s OneHome™ activity.

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Your customers can track the buying or selling process from start to finish, and you can track their process along the way.

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After answering a few simple questions, your customers will see how closely each listing matches what they’re looking for at a glance. Plus, you get to see how their preferences change over time.

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Property Details

Deliver better property matches faster, plus livability scores and market insights.


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A new, customer-friendly search tool that simplifies the process without sacrificing any of the functionality Matrix has to offer.

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Text Feature

The text feature is an easy, hassle free way to send new listings, receive new and updated listings, and stay connected with your customers.


Reminder - Matrix Learning Lab Now Available! 

The Matrix Learning Lab widget is now available on your Matrix homepage. Inside of Matrix, click to access training resources and materials for you are your customers and see why There's No Place Like OneHome™.

How To Access the Matrix Learning Lab 

  1. Click the Matrix Learning Lab widget on your Matrix homepage.
  2. Click the OneHome™ tab, scroll down to resources, and start learning!
  3. Click the OneHome™ Marketing tab to access resources you can share with your customers.

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Know Before You Go - Information About Your Transition to OneHome™

  • All your current customer portal info, such as Favorites, Discards, and Saved Searches, will be transferred to OneHome™.
  • The 'Possibilities' feature will no longer be available. All existing listings marked as 'Possibilities' will be merged into 'Favorites' in OneHome™.
  • When your customers receive a new 'Matching Properties' email, they will click the 'View Properties' link to access the OneHome™ portal. Your customer will have access to a default OneHome™ view where they can view properties. Your customers will then need to activate/create their accounts to favorite/discard listings and communicate with you.

Let Your Customers Know About OneHome™

Download the customer communication template below and share it with your customers!

Download Template

Introductory Video

OneHome™ : What is it?

For Your Customers:

Accessing OneHome™ + Sign-In

SMS Texting Feature

OneHome™ : SMS Texting

OneHome™ FAQs

FAQ Sheet

To learn more about OneHome™ visit:

Stay tuned for more information to come as we prepare to roll out this exciting new feature for you!

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