SkySlope Offer Management

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✔ Included with your Stellar MLS subscription

A New, Better Way to Manage Offers

Stellar MLS and SkySlope have joined forces to create an elevated offer management process. As part of your Stellar subscription benefit, you can manage offers efficiently and equitably with SkySlope Offers. Accessible directly from Matrix, the new offer management platform makes it easier than ever to compare, organize and communicate about listing offers in one place.

With Skyslope Offers, you can:

  • Easily manage offers all on one, intuitive and modernized platform.
  • Filter offers without bias, putting every offer equally upfront to sellers.
  • Effortlessly share offer links so buyer agents can directly submit offers.

Built to Offer You - and Your Customers - More

Offer Central

Offer Central

Save time with a solution that gathers every offer in one place. Upload an offer or send a link to submit directly to the SkySlope Offers platform.

At A Glance

At-a-Glance Data 

Every offer is displayed, sorted, and compared by multiple data points, including price, closing period, contingencies, and more.


Shareable Transparency

Buyers' Agents are automatically alerted when their offer is sent.


Objectivity, Prioritized

Buyer details are obscured during the offer evaluation process to prevent the potential for bias.

Collecting, Comparing & Accepting Offers Has Never Been Easier

Frequently Asked Questions

SkySlope is an INCLUDED benefit of your Stellar MLS subscription!

Residential, Income, Vacant Land, and Commercial Sale Listings.

Listings with an on-market date of 1/1/2023 or later in the following statuses will be opted-in for SkySlope Offers. 

  • Active 
  • Pending – (Only if Accepting Backup Offers is set to YES) 
  • Withdrawn Conditional 
  • Temporarily Off-Market 

Going forward – unless you choose not to take advantage of this benefit – all applicable listings will automatically opt-in. 

Not directly; however, all documents can easily be downloaded from all SkySlope Offer emails OR the SkySlope Offers platform. They can then be uploaded into your favorite online transaction management tool!  Stay tuned for further updates!



SkySlope Offers include DigiSign – an electronic signature platform geared towards offer signatures!  You can also download any document and manually import it into your transaction management platform of choice.

While there is no dedicated mobile app, SkySlope offers can be easily accessed via your favorite mobile browser.  

During the initial launch of SkySlope Offers, you can manually add your broker as a team member.  Keep an eye out for future enhancements!



Yes.  Existing listings that have been opted into SkySlope Offers can have the link removed by reaching out to Stellar MLS support. There is also a toggle within SkySlope Offers that can opt-out of all of your future listings, OR you have the ability to opt-out on a listing-by-listing basis.




The email will contain whatever attachment(s) that were submitted via the SkySlope offers link. 

No – SkySlope Offers will automatically be included with any of your existing SkySlope products. If you have any questions about your current SkySlope account, please reach out to SkySlope support. 

YOU own your data!  Your data will not be sold. 

SkySlope is an independent company that is not owned by another entity.