The Basics

Why does Stellar MLS have a consumer home-search website?

Stellar MLS has operated a consumer home-search site since 2009. We've rebranded and redesigned the consumer site to compete with modern search standards, the needs of home buyers and to optimize the agent lead capture.

According to the NAR 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 44 percent of buyers look online for a home before contacting an agent.

We want these buyers to start the process on with confidence that the information is updated (fresh squeezed) since it's coming directly from your MLS.

Does compete with my IDX site?

No. Your consumer site works to connect home buyers with agents. Once a relationship has been established you can send that customer to your IDX site or continue the relationship on, the choice is yours.

Where did the name,, come from?

Florida was the 27th State to become a part of the U.S. After researching hundreds of names, we landed on It's unique, easy to remember, and doesn't compete with the name of any agent or broker websites.

Does this site adhere to Fair Display Guidelines for MLS public-facing websites?

Yes. The site follows the Fair Display Guidelines for MLS public-facing websites, established in 2013 by top brokerages and MLS professionals.

Listing Information

How often do listings update? refreshes every five minutes with listings from Matrix.

How do I opt out of sending my listings to

Individual listings can be opted in or out of the feed by using the "State27 Y/N" field (located in the "Realtor" menu / "IDX/VOW" section of Add/Edit in Matrix).

Matrix screenshot ( opt out)

Connecting With Consumers

Where does the information in my agent profile come from?

Your contact information and photo comes from Matrix.

(Photo Tip: You can upload or change your photo in Matrix by using the Add/Edit tab and selecting the "Edit existing Agent Roster" option. Then enter your Agent ID and click "Modify.")

You can also add additional information to your profile through, such as links to your social media profiles.

What happens when I add a contact?

Adding a customer (under the "contacts" portion of your agent profile) allows you to give your customer property recommendations, as well as gain further insights into your customer's profile, including listings your customer has added as "favorites."

When you add a contact (i.e. your customer), your customer will receive a notification, stating that you have added them as a contact, and providing more information on how to use the site.

Will my customer receive an email when I recommend a property for them?

Under their consumer profile, your customer can choose their email preferences, including if they want to receive email notifications on properties you recommend. See screenshot below. FAQ Email Preferences

Why do I see full profile information for some customers, but not for others?

Under their consumer profile, along with their email preferences, your customer can also indicate if they want to share their complete profile with you or only their contact information. See screenshot below. FAQ Sharing Preferences

TLC (True Lifestyle Cost)

What is TLC (True Lifestyle Cost)?

True Lifestyle Cost (TLC), powered by TLCengine, encourages consumers to think about the total cost of home ownership — not just the mortgage cost. Using data from various sources, TLC provides a picture of how much a particular home will cost by factoring in the mortgage, commute, utilities, and other lifestyle information.

All listings have a TLC amount based on default parameters that estimate what the monthly cost for that home might be for unregistered site visitors. A more specific TLC amount is shown to a registered user who has provided his or her budgetary information.

Consumers are encouraged to create a free profile on so that they can enter their monthly expenses to get a more accurate TLC score.

The TLC amount is only a guide. As mentioned, it’s meant to encourage consumers to think about their options and narrow down their search, which is beneficial to agents too.

Where does TLC get its mortgage rates?

TLC updates the APR for every type of loan daily. It's important to note, these rates are for guidance only. The actual rate will be based on credit score, type of loan product, and other factors.

Why are TLC property taxes different than what is on the listings?

TLC predicts future property taxes by using the projected sales price and the local tax rates of the county.

How are utilities calculated?

TLC predicts utility bills by taking into account the characteristics of an individual property (type of home, age of home, type of heating/cooling), local utility rates, and local climate data. TLC even considers the number of people living in the home, which consumers can customize in their profile.

How is commute calculated?

TLC updates local gas prices every day. If a consumer does not have a TLC profile, then TLC uses a 2015 Honda Accord (21 City/31 Highway MPG) as the commute car, and it assumes you go to work five days a week.

In their TLC profile, consumers can save the make and model of their cars, along with more specific information to increase the accuracy of the commute costs on every listing.

TLC also gets miles per gallon data for every car from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Where does TLC data come from?

TLC uses national, state, and local zip code level data that comes from a variety of public and private sources and is optimized via a unique TLC algorithm. This includes the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, myFico, and many other sources.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated as quickly as it becomes available. TLC also utilizes many daily feeds, including local gas rates and daily APR rates.


How can I provide feedback or get help with the site?

You can use the feedback form or call our Support Center at 407-960-5300 (Option #1).

If your customer (i.e. consumer) has a question about the site, he or she should provide feedback through the feedback form.