The Realist Sell Score Is Now A Searchable Attribute in Realist®

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The Realist Sell Score leverages both public record and proprietary CoreLogic data to assess the relative likelihood a property will be listed for sale. The feature helps you identify homeowners as part of your targeted marketing.

The Realist Sell Score is now a searchable attribute available under My Search - Customize Search. With Sell Score Searching, you can:

  • Make “propensity to sell” a part of any search
  • Use Sell Score just like other search criteria to narrow your search results
  • Set minimum thresholds, search operators, and other standard parameters
  • Generate mailing labels
  • Export results

How Sell Score Works

The Sell Score is based on the Propensity to List model, featuring a numerical value (0-1000) that predicts the likelihood a property will be listed for sale in the next six months. You are now able to select the Sell Score attribute (under Customize Search) and add it to your My Search template. Once selected, you are able to search for properties based on the desired sell score value(s) and ranges, and then proceed with downloading property detail reports, exporting, or creating mailing labels.

Sell Score Ratings and Values:

  • Very High: 831-1000
  • High: 625-830
  • Moderate: 502-624
  • Low: 354-501
  • Very Low: 0-353

To use the Sell Score Search Attribute: 

  • In My Search navigate to Customize Search - Sales Information - Sell Score
  • Select Sell Score
  • Give your custom search a name
  • Click Save or Apply
  • Now navigate to the My Search panel and locate the Sell Score attribute

Sell Score attribute can be searched using 1 of 3 search operators:

        • Is= to search for properties with a specific sell score (e.g. Is=750)
        • Is Between=to search for properties with between two values (e.g. Is Between=750 to 800)
        • Is Greater Than= to search for properties greater than a specific value (e.g. Is Greater Than=750)

How To Set Up Sell Score Searching


Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist