Remodeling Rental in Matrix!


With the Real Estate Market in a frenzy, the Rental market seems to be catching the overflow. To keep pace, Stellar assembled a workgroup of property management professionals to help us revamp Rental fields in Matrix. These improvements will keep our Rental data accurate, reliable, and comprehensive to serve our customers' needs better.

What did we renovate?

Stellar is excited to unveil our remodel to the Rental property type within Matrix! A few redesign features you'll love:


Long Term Y/N Field

We moved this field to the very top when entering a rental property. Since not all rentals are listed equally, this field will trigger conditional requirements for the type of Rental you have listed.




Pets Tab

What's important to renters? Their fur babies, of course. This new tab will house all information about pets for rentals.




Community Tab Updates

You'll notice new fields in the community tab. These fields are essential for us to highlight the fees that may impact tenants.




Short Term Rentals

We have grouped key fields for short-term rentals within the listing tab, so all the information is conveniently located together!


Tools to upgrade your rental game

Beyond the Matrix system improvements, don’t forget about these rental resources available to you in your Stellar subscription, or from our partners.



Avail partnered with

Avail assists with rental management so you can find tenants, view credit history, sign leases, and collect rent — on any device, with tools built specifically for DIY landlords.

To learn more about Avail, click here.





My Rental

My Rental offers an online rental application and tenant screening solution to landlords, real estate agents, and property managers! So that you can identify top-quality applicants for your Rental.

Stellar customers receive discount pricing for My Rental! Click here to learn more.






ListTrac provides online activity reporting and tracks the performance of your rental listings with metrics including listing views, leads, shares, and favorites. This information is captured from major portals, broker sites, and MLS systems while keeping you informed with a weekly report showing how your listing performs online.

For more information about ListTrac visit our product page here.


A Closer Look at Rental Distribution Options

Learn about rental distribution options available to brokers who belong to Stellar MLS for, Homesnap & Facebook Marketplace, ListHub and more.

Rental Distribution

Karmen Joy M. Barrios

Jr Marketing Coordinator