Looking to Display Listings on Your Website?

It's entirely possible through Stellar MLS's Internet Data Exchange (IDX). IDX gives brokers the ability to display listings from Matrix on their company websites.

Are you an agent? If you're an agent you can also display a home-search and listings on your website. One of the options, the free frameable IDX option, does not require broker permission. Other options that allow for more customization require the permission of your broker, including registration through RE Data Vault.

All listings from Matrix are distributed through IDX, except for the listings of brokers who have completed and submitted an opt-out form, opting out of IDX participation.

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The Basics

What is Internet Data Exchange (IDX)?

IDX gives brokers the ability to display each others listings on each others websites.

All listings from Matrix are distributed through IDX, except for the listings of brokers who have completed and submitted an opt-out form, opting out of IDX participation.

How does IDX work?

In a nutshell: a data feed from Matrix. Technically, IDX is accomplished through what is known in the real estate industry as a RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standards) feed from MLS system servers.

Whether you're developing your own website or you're hiring a vendor, our Data Services team is ready to assist in setting up the data feed.

The first step is to register for IDX through Stellar MLS's IDX registration website, RE DataVault.

Options and Costs

Are there IDX options?

Yes. Click here to view the available IDX options, including any costs — although the standard IDX feed is available at no cost.

Is IDX free?

The standard IDX feed is available at no cost.

Click here to view the available IDX options, including any costs (as applicable).

IDX Participation

Why should I participate in IDX?

The spirit of IDX is the wide distribution and display of active, pending and sold MLS listings to the public through brokers as a marketing effort that best serves the consumer.

In fact, wide distribution is already available through However, letting other brokers display your listings on the Internet is a business decision each broker must make.

IDX allows you to compete with other popular listing websites. Your website can now become the premier location for consumers to view listings, learn about your company and your company's experience, abilities, and qualifications, allowing you to successfully market your company and attract new consumers at all hours of the day, every day.

Think about it — by displaying the complete Stellar MLS inventory of active, pending and recently sold listings, you are providing a service to consumers. If you want to sell services online, you need a way to keep consumers at your website once they get there (this is referred to as having a "sticky" website — the "stickier" the better.)

Does IDX conflict with Florida real estate license law/Code of Ethics?

IDX is consistent with Florida real estate license law and the Stellar MLS Rules & Regulations. IDX is consistent with the Code of Ethics since no display of other Participants' listings can occur without their consent.

Can agents participate in IDX?

Yes, agents may have an IDX website with their broker's approval.

Here's how:
  • The agent's brokerage firm must be contributing its listings to the IDX program.
  • The agent's website may frame or "gateway" into the brokerage's website.
  • The agent may use a third party to create the IDX search engine, but only with the permission of the agent's broker and the execution of a separate Stellar MLS IDX agreement.
  • The agent's website must retain the brokerage's branding at all times.
  • The brokerage's branding must be equal to or larger than the agent's branding.

Why would I want to display other brokers' listings on my website?

This is a great question. The answer lies in a desire to strengthen the brokerage industry. Long-term, if real estate brokerages want to compete with other industry segments for the business of Internet consumers, they will need to have websites that are attractive to consumers. That means having the most listing data. If you currently provide your listing data to one or more local or national websites on the theory that more exposure is better, why wouldn't you want your listings exposed on other brokers' websites?

Why would I want other brokers to display my listings?

In addition to the points mentioned in question seven, sellers will want to know why your listings do not show up on IDX websites when the listings of other brokers do. But remember, if you don't have a website you can now have one for free!

Do I have to allow other brokers display my listings?

No. Participants are free to withhold authority for such display either on a blanket (opt-out) or on a listing-by-listing basis. Listings excluded from the feed on an individual basis are flagged during the listing input process by indicating "Internet=N"). If you choose to completely opt-out all listings in your company, please fill out and return the opt-out form to Stellar MLS. Please note that choosing to opt-out of IDX prevents you from participating in the IDX program.

What happens if I opt out of IDX?

If you prohibit the display of your listings by other Participants by opting-out, you may not display their listings on your website.

Can Stellar MLS refuse to allow my listings to be entered into the MLS if I do not permit other Participants to display them on their websites?

No. Participants cannot be required to consent to display of their listings on other Participants' websites as a condition of participation in the MLS.

Will Stellar MLS refuse to transfer my listings to if I do not participate in IDX?

No. The sellers will choose whether their property will be displayed on or not. However, if "Internet=No" is selected during listing input, the listing will not be fed to any websites.

What if someone abuses IDX?

A Participant must sign the Stellar MLS IDX Agreement prior to having the listing information appear on the Participant's website. Displaying IDX data without an IDX agreement is a violation of Stellar MLS's IDX Rules and Regulations.

In the event of a violation of the Stellar MLS IDX Rules and Regulations or a breach of the Stellar MLS IDX Agreement, which is not cured within five (5) calendar days, Stellar MLS may: (1) immediately terminate the Stellar MLS IDX Agreement and any applicable data feed; (2) impose any fine, suspension, expulsion or other remedy applicable to a breach of the Stellar MLS Rules and Regulations; and (3) pursue any and all legal remedies available by law.

IDX Data

Must the listing company be identified when I display its listings on my website?

Yes. The listing company must be identified.

Can my listing information be modified when it is displayed on Participants' websites?

No. The Stellar MLS Rules and Regulations prohibit the modification of IDX data.

What data will consumers see?

Active and recently sold data will be available through the IDX program. The RETS IDX data field list is extensive and is available via our website. The IDX display will not include information intended exclusively for other real estate professionals.

How do my listings get included in the daily data feed?

All active and recently sold listings will be included in the daily data feed automatically, unless otherwise indicated during the listing input process. Listings can also be modified later to either add or remove a specific listing from the IDX data feed.

Getting Started

If I want to use IDX, do I have to perform the work myself?

Not at all. Not every broker has technical knowledge or staff to create their own website or IDX search. Brokers can choose to hire/contract a third party to create a search engine or plug their existing solution into your website. While Stellar MLS does not charge for the standard IDX RETS feed, please be aware that there may be charges from the third party vendor. It is also important to note that if you use a third party, that third party and your real estate brokerage company must execute the Stellar MLS IDX Agreement.

I'm ready to sign up for IDX — What is the next step?

Visit to begin the process of submitting your request.

Where can I receive more information or assistance?
Stellar MLS Data Services Department