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Welcome to Stellar MLS

Your subscription gives you access to tools, resources, and benefits that will get your business running better than ever. And it's all backed by a team of support experts who will go the extra mile to make sure you’re making the most of it.

We've Outlined a Few Items to Get You Started!

1. Log into Matrix

Matrix is your MLS system. Browse around, and jot down any questions you have for your trainer during class.

Our Support Center can assist with login issues or immediate questions.

2. Register for your required classes

MLS Basic & Compliance 101

Both classes must be taken within the first 60 days of your subscription. Click here to register for these classes. Take them online or in-person.

MLS Adding & Editing Listings

This class is required for subscribers whose brokers require them to add and maintain their own listings in the MLS. Click here to register for this class. Take it online or in-person.

3. Add your branding and contact info in Matrix

In Matrix, click on "My Matrix," then click on "My Information" in the dropdown. Go through each tab and fill in as much info as possible especially your basic contact information and add your agent profile photo. This is the information your customers will see when interacting with you.

4. Explore

Get to know who we are and what you're getting with your subscription. Beyond Matrix Stellar MLS offers a variety of products that are included with the cost of your subscription. These products can save time and make you money! Check out your subscription tools, our promises to you, free training and much more on this site.