Rules & Tips for MLS Photos

Easy Keys to Success for Listing Photos

It’s no secret that good photos are essential to a successful marketing strategy for any listing. And from the perspective of buyers and the MLS, the more photos you include with your listing the better!

While photos are used regularly in all MLS listings, the rules around using photos in the MLS are often misunderstood, and sometimes violations occur. On this page we dive into topics about photos in the MLS, such as virtual staging and compliance rules to help you avoid common errors and get the most out of your listing photos.

MLS Photo Compliance & Tips

Photo violations are among the most commonly reported issues to the Stellar MLS compliance department. There are rules in place regarding how photos are used in the MLS in order to maintain listing quality and to keep the MLS platform equitable for all participating brokers.

Watch the video below for a refresher on fundamental rules about listing photos in the MLS. We also share tips on how to size your photos properly for Matrix and more. Be sure to share this video with your colleagues who may need a reminder!

To read the official Stellar MLS rules about listing photos and virtual tours click here.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a digital technique for staging a home by using photo editing software, and Stellar MLS does allow this. This process can be done to furnished or unfurnished homes. While Stellar MLS does allow this option for listing photos, there are rules in place to ensure listings are accurately portrayed.

Vs Infographic

How to upload virtual photos in the MLS.

Watch our tutorial video below about how to properly upload virtually staged photos to your listing in Matrix. To read the official Stellar MLS rules about virtual staging click here.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA)

Don’t forget we have a resource page dedicated to all things DMCA! On the DMCA page you’ll find information, videos, a toolkit and more.

Click here to visit the DMCA page.

3 Tips for Avoiding Photo Copyright Issues

  1. Take the photo yourself.
  2. Get the proper license or rights to use photos taken by someone else.
  3. Don't scrape photos from the Internet.