Stellar MLS and FMLS Agree to New Data Sharing Agreement, Benefiting over 134,000 Brokers and Agents

The strategic partnership between the nation’s third and fourth-largest MLSs greatly expands inventory and referral opportunities across Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.


The largest MLS in Florida (Stellar MLS) and Georgia’s largest MLS (FMLS) announced a data-sharing partnership that significantly increases the combined footprint of both organizations.

Stellar MLS serves nearly 77,000 customers in Florida and Puerto Rico, while FMLS provides services to more than 57,000 members and partners in Georgia and across the state line in Alabama.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to give our customers an additional advantage in the market, and the opening of new markets provides new sources of revenue,” according to Merri Jo Cowen, CEO of Stellar MLS. “Throughout the pandemic, and hopefully post-pandemic, we’re seeing much more movement in Florida and the Southeast in general, as more and more people can work where they want. This provides our customers with an even larger market to serve buyers and sellers across the region,” Cowen states.

“This agreement aligns two of the most progressive MLSs in the US in a way that seamlessly integrates inventory and geography,” explains Jeremy Crawford, President, and CEO of FMLS. “Our footprint extends throughout Georgia and Alabama, while Stellar MLS covers a large footprint in central Florida and is also rapidly growing. This creates enormous referral opportunities and a dynamic marketing opportunity for brokers, agents, and partners of both organizations,” Crawford concludes.

The agreement provides local brokers and agents with direct access, in real-time, to reliable listing data from each other’s markets. In addition, both MLSs are natively Platinum Certified on RESO listing data standards, making a partnership like this much easier to implement and maintain.

The partnership is happening amid a seismic market shift, with more and more people moving to Southern states. In 2021, the Southeast saw more incoming moves than any other region, partly because of lower housing costs, lower overall costs of living, and better weather.

According to both organizations, it’s the right time to break data boundaries that no longer prove efficient for brokers and agents. Expanding the combined MLS service area allows Stellar MLS and FMLS to focus on what’s best for real estate professionals and consumers. With inventory at historic lows, this enhanced footprint provides brokers and agents of both MLSs with even more networking and referral opportunities.

The data share is expected to go live for members of Stellar MLS and FMLS in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

About Stellar MLS:
Headquartered in Altamonte Springs, FL, Stellar MLS (Stellar) is Florida’s largest multiple listing service (MLS) company, with nearly 77,000 customers in Florida and Puerto Rico. Offering a comprehensive suite of the industry’s best products and world-class customer service, Stellar MLS is committed to helping brokers and agents thrive in tomorrow’s competitive real estate market. Learn more at

About FMLS:
The First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) was founded 65 years ago by four brokers who wanted to share real estate listings and connect buyers and sellers. Today, FMLS is the fourth largest MLS in the US, and as Georgia’s largest MLS, it serves nearly 57,000 members in their home state and through MLS partnerships in Alabama. In addition, its world-class technology platform and FMLS Training Institute fuel the growth of agents, brokers, and appraisers across the region. Find out more at

Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist