Executive Group
Stellar MLS Executive Team: (L to R) Shayne Fairley, Chief Operations Officer - Mathew Kallumadil, Vice President, Technology & Innovation - Jose Heras, Executive Assistant - Merri Jo Cowen, Chief Executive Officer - Marion Weiler, Vice President of Marketing & Communications - Eben Moran, Vice President of MLS Services - Mark Schafer, Chief Financial Officer - Jennifer Thompson-Kersting, Chief Growth & Relationship Officer

We believe every broker deserves access to the best data.

There’s a revolution in real estate, and it’s changing the way brokers compete. From iBuyers to artificial intelligence, there is more pressure on brokers than ever to double down on service and expertise while optimizing their technology and capital expenditures.

We make listing data easier to access and actively break down old barriers to create a future with greater opportunity for every broker.

Together, we’re creating a future of new opportunities.

We embrace change. Ancient inefficiencies and politics that get in the way of brokers’ ability to do business must be stamped out, so brokers can compete.

We are pro-broker, because brokers drive change.

Brokers are the reason we exist. Their listing data is our lifeblood. We harness new technology and the momentum of the market to transform the shape of the real estate market in Florida, and beyond.

One Listing, Everywhere, Automatically

We believe that overlapping market disorder, where brokers must join multiple MLSs to market listings in a single service area, is wrong. Our business is built on core values that inspire us to work together every day to make the business of real estate more efficient. We are pro-consolidation.

Strength in Numbers

Stellar MLS is one of the largest MLSs in the United States, with 59,000 members and more than 300,000 listings in our system. Our customers and subscribers are the agents and brokers that make the Florida market work. Though our subscribers represent just under a third of all licensed real estate salespeople in Florida, they produce more than 55 percent of all the transaction volume in our state.

Perfect, Standardized Data

We believe their success is directly tied to the service, support and technology we offer. Though every agent and broker is unique, they all demand perfect, standardized data that is easy to work with, whether it’s a simple search in the MLS, or a complex data feed that powers a regional real estate player.

Forget the Status Quo

That’s why we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We know our job is to push for tools and solutions that benefit our subscribers and customers, like introducing the first instance of Matrix in Spanish. Or, breaking through historical and artificial barriers that prevent our subscribers from doing business easily, no matter where they work.


This is Stellar


  • Creates integrated customer dashboard enabling single-click access to all products and one-to-one messaging within the system


  • Implements first instance of Core Logic’s Matrix in Spanish in the United States
  • Merri Jo Cowen recognized with Peter Shuttleworth Award from CMLS for meritorious service to MLS industry
  • Stellar converts MLS native database to RESO standard to enable front end of choice


  • Achieves Platinum Certification from RESO
  • Launches Water Fields Collaboration Workgroup to resolve field differences in Florida listing data
  • Takes board seat and ownership position in MLS Grid


  • Develops and launches CMLX MLS certification program in concert with CMLS
  • Merri Jo Cowen named to Swanepoel Power 200


  • Achieves 80 percent excellent customer satisfaction with Stellar’s technology, services and support (2015-2018)