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Updated: March 28, 2023

At Stellar MLS, we are focused on creating a future of new opportunities for our customers. As one of the largest MLSs in the United States, with over 80,000 subscribers in Florida and Puerto Rico, more than 300,000 listings in our system, and top-tier RE products and services, we are committed to helping brokers and agents thrive in tomorrow’s competitive real estate market.

Together with our shareholder and customer organizations, and loyal customers like you, we've spent the last quarter-century building Stellar MLS into one of the country's most reputable multiple listing services by providing reliable data and excellent service.

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Starting in April 2023, Stellar MLS will adjust its annual subscription cost to continue providing you with the best products and services. We understand that cost is a significant factor for our customers, and we want to assure you that we have taken this into consideration.

Earlier this year, the Stellar MLS Board of Directors approved a recommendation to increase the annual subscription cost by $150. To minimize your financial impact, there will only be a $50 increase for the current renewal. Any future increases will be evaluated annually. This will allow us to deliver even more value to you and your RE business with:

Growth and Expansion - Increased listing exposure and new referral business opportunities.

Better PropTech - Simplified workflows with tools that talk to each other, making your job easier and more efficient.

Stellar Service - Expert customer service and training teams with on-demand educational resources to support your growth.

Annual Subscription Cost Update
June 2023 - May 2024

*Please note: The cost listed here only includes your MLS base subscription. Your invoice will include additional costs from your LSC board/association.

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Payment Options & Troubleshooting Guide

Note: Stellar MLS cannot accept cash or check payments at our office. Preferred payment options are listed below.

To review your invoice online visit Enter your MLSID and password, and log into your Stellar MLS account. Click "View/Pay My Invoices".

  • Option 1 (recommended): Pay online by Credit/Debit Card, or ACH payment. Stellar offers all agents and brokers the option to pay their invoices directly through their personal portals. Please reach out to your broker if you have questions regarding the payment of your MLS invoice.
  • Option 2: Mail a check. Checks must be made payable to Stellar MLS we recommend that checks be mailed via Certified Mail. Please include the MLS ID # on the check.

Mail your check and invoice to:
Stellar MLS
247 Maitland Avenue, Suite 2000
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Important Info for Check Payments:
Checks can take up to 2 weeks to process. Plan to mail your check early to avoid delays and a late fee. We recommend that be mailed by certified mail.

For a complete tutorial on the Stellar MLS payment portal please watch the video below.

Payment Portal Video Guide

For a complete tutorial on the process of a head broker paying for their agents, please watch the video below:

Broker Paying for Agent Guide

Having trouble accessing the online payment portal? Click below for some troubleshooting instructions that may help you solve the problem:

Troubleshooting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Review and Pay Now

Yes. You can use multiple credit cards to process payment.

No, for your security, we only accept check payments through the mail.

We are not currently storing your credit card information but will begin storing your credit information safely and securely for current and future billing cycles.

No. Full payment is due by the payment deadline at 5pm. ET.

You will receive an email immediately after your payment is received confirming your payment, with a copy of your paid invoice attached. You may also print a paid copy of your invoice from the payment portal.

No. Annual MLS and LSC fees must be paid at the same time by the due date. However, you can pay active compliance fines and/or other MLS fees separately. You must pay all outstanding Annual Billing charges by their due dates to avoid additional fees and/or MLS interruptions.

Payments for past due fees and violations are required and cannot be removed from payment.

Stellar MLS billing emails are related to your Stellar MLS annual subscription renewal. They are considered transactional emails and cannot be opted out of because they contain vital information about your account status. These emails are essential to the billing process as they ensure you receive the information you need to keep your MLS account active and in good standing.

Yes. Your default payment method will automatically be applied to future invoices on the invoice due date.

Annual Billing for Licensed Customers

Review and Pay Now

No. Your invoice will be posted in early April each year. We will notify you via email once your invoice is ready to be viewed and paid. You may go online and make a payment at that time.

Your payment is due by 5 PM ET. on May 16, 2023.

All annual invoices are added to your account in early April. An email will be sent to the address on file once your invoice is available.

Stellar MLS 2023 - 2024 Annual Billing charges are due on May 16, 2023. When customers join, they are charged a onetime setup fee and a pro-rated MLS cost to cover their subscription through May 31, the proration period.

“LSC” is your Local Service Center. This fee is charged by your local board/association. Questions regarding the LSC fee should be directed to your local board/association.

All charges listed on your Annual Billing invoice must be paid to satisfy your annual MLS invoice.

Each association/board is different, please contact your association/board directly for an explanation of their LSC services.

Yes. The online payment website is PCI Level 1 Compliant, meaning credit card information is stored to the highest security and safety standards.

Login into the Stellar Account Portal at to access your invoice.  

Submit your request for a refund at

Please note that all fees must be paid before submitting your request for review. Upon review by our CART Committee, a determination will be made and sent to you within 10 business days. If your request is approved, a refund will be issued.

In addition to access to the MLS, your Stellar MLS subscription includes a suite of products to help you gain leads, efficiently conduct business and more. Please visit the Products page for more details.

While billing deadlines vary slightly each year depending on weekends and holidays, generally, we post invoices the first week of April with an initial due date ~35 days after. The National Association of REALTORS® requires a minimum of 30 days' notice before fees are due, which we exceed. Late fees are then assessed after the first deadline, and approximately two weeks later, unpaid accounts are suspended. While the billing year runs from June 1 through May 31, due to the nature of running a multiple listing service, we collect fees upfront to plan for the upcoming fiscal year and to properly communicate with vendors of the various products we provide.

Stellar MLS extensively communicates billing deadlines. We begin by sending notices in late March prior to invoices being posted, and once the billing period starts in April, we send frequent reminders via email, text, newsletters, and popups within the MLS dashboard and system. Subscribers are responsible for ensuring that they have their most current email address and mobile phone number on file with their local REALTOR® association, to ensure that they are receiving correspondence from Stellar MLS, but we communicate multiple times through multiple channels.

You will receive an email immediately after your payment is received confirming your payment, with a copy of your paid invoice attached. You may also print a paid copy of your invoice from the payment portal.

Yes. There is a link on the home page of our new payment portal that will allow you to view invoices posted prior to April 1, 2023. 

Annual Billing for Brokers

Review and Pay Now

Brokers/Participants will be billed $50 to recover costs of listing distribution and data services. All Participants will be assessed this charge – it includes both distributing listings and using IDX feeds. Brokers of multiple offices only pay the charge once per year (based on broker not on office). Any broker who joins after April 1st will not be billed until the following year. The charge does not apply to MFCRE subscribers.

Coming soon, brokers will be able to view all agents under your firm and process payment via check or credit card. A broker must first share their method of payment with their Agents before they attempt to pay on their behalf.

Yes. To avoid this, the balance must be paid for all agents in your office, or you should inactivate any unpaid agents’ licenses with the DBPR. Once this is done, your LSC/association will need to be notified immediately to ensure that Stellar MLS receives the information and removes the balance from your account.

As a broker, to avoid paying a late and/or reinstatement fee on behalf of an agent, we recommend payment in full before the payment due date.

All unpaid invoices will be moved to the broker's account after the payment due date has passed.

To avoid suspension of your entire office, please make certain that all agents are either paid or inactivated by the final due date.

All MLS privileges will be inaccessible for every member of that office until all invoices are paid in full. To reactivate, all past-due fees must be paid in full.

Your Stellar MLS subscription is much more than access to the MLS. Please visit the tools page on our website

For questions regarding assistant subscription renewals, contact or 1-800-686-7451. Please note that if you are contacting us via email, your name and MLS id are required for us to act.

Beginning the 2023-2024 billing cycle LSC staff members will no longer have access to their brokers and agents invoices and will no longer have the ability to process payment on their behalf.  

Annual Billing for Unlicensed Assistants

Review and Pay Now

Your invoice will be posted to your account in early September, and a billing notice will be emailed. We also use calls and text messages as other forms of notifications.

Note: Stellar MLS cannot accept cash or check payments at our office. Preferred payment options are listed below.

Online payment is the best method to pay. Go to, and select View/Pay my Invoices, you will be prompted to add a default debit/credit card payment. If you pay by check, it must be received in our office by 5 p.m. ET on the due date to avoid additional charges.

  • Mailing a check: Checks should be made payable to Stellar MLS. The MLS ID # must be included in the check. The mailing address is:
    • Stellar MLS
    • PO Box 740508
    • Atlanta, GA 30374-0508

*Important information for check payments: Checks can take up to 2 weeks to process. DO NOT send checks by certified mail, or other means requiring a signature, they will be returned.

Because each association is different, please contact your association/board for an explanation of LSC services.

When unlicensed assistants join, they are charged a one-time setup fee and a pro-rated MLS fee to cover their subscription until September 30. The Stellar MLS annual unlicensed assistant billing period covers October 1 of the current year through September 30 of the following year.

Login into the Stellar Account Portal at to access your invoice.  

No, full payment is due by the payment deadline.

You will receive an email immediately after your payment is received confirming your payment, with a copy of your paid invoice attached. You may also print a paid copy of your invoice from the payment portal.

Yes. Visit the payment portal at then view the section that says view my previous invoices and follow the link.

To properly deactivate an unlicensed assistant account, the Broker/Office Manager must notify the association that the assistant is no longer with their office. Once the association has been notified the information will transmit to Stellar MLS and the account will be made inactive and the invoice removed.

Please note: This process must be completed in order to stop communications regarding Stellar MLS annual unlicensed assistant billing.

For questions regarding assistant subscription renewals, contact or 1-800-686-7451.

Please note: If you are contacting us via email, the assistant's name and the assistant's MLS ID # are required in order for us to process your email request.

Annual Billing for RPAC Optional Contributions

Review and Pay Now

Customers will receive a separate invoice for their LSC’s default RPAC amount. If you wish to increase this quantity, you may do so in the ‘manage subscriptions’ section of your pay portal. If you choose not to make an RPAC contribution, no further action is needed.  

If you choose not to contribute to RPAC no action is necessary. The invoice will be removed from your account after 90 days. 

Stellar MLS is collecting optional RPAC contributions on behalf of the Realtor® association or board that you belong to. 

Full RPAC disclosure can be found by downloading the invoice on your Stellar MLS portal at

You may have contributed previously to RPAC via a fundraising campaign through your local association/board or at an RPAC fundraising event. RPAC contributions are 100% optional and are not required as part of your Stellar MLS subscription. If you do not wish to contribute, do not process payment for the invoice.  

No. If you do not wish to make a optional RPAC contribution, no further action is needed. Contributing to RPAC is optional and your unpaid optional invoice will be removed from your account in June. Customers will not be charged late fees nor be suspended for unpaid RPAC optional invoices.

Yes. To request a refund for the optional RPAC contribution please complete this form or send an email to with the following information: 

  • Customer Name
  • MLS ID # 
  • RPAC Amount 
  • Current Mailing Address 
  • Telephone number 

To request the optional RPAC contribution invoice to be removed from your account please complete this form or email, with the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • MLS ID
  • Email address