Shareholders, Customer Organizations, and Data Share & Integration Partners

Any association or board can be a shareholder in Stellar, with the rights and responsibilities to help craft our vision. Shareholders sit on the board of directors and vote on key Stellar initiatives.

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Our shareholders direct our future, and our customers always have a voice.

Customer Associations

Any association or board with less than 400 members can be a Stellar customer, with complete access to the tools, products and services offered to shareholders. Customers do not vote at the board level on Stellar initiatives but do participate in the MLS Advisory Council.

Board of Directors

Stellar’s board is comprised of appointees from our shareholders, based on the size of their respective memberships. Association Executives and shareholder representatives may attend any regular board meeting. All shareholders and customers receive quarterly reports about the board’s activities.

MLS Advisory Council (MAC)

The advisory council provides two-way communication between the board of directors and Stellar’s staff. Shareholders and customer associations comprise the membership, and they determine the MLS’s rules and regulations. Their recommendations are submitted to the Board of Directors via the executive committee.


Stellar’s finance and audit committees are comprised of shareholder representatives that review monthly financials and investments and provide financial oversight to ensure sound operations. Professional outside auditors regularly review Stellar’s financials and report back to the audit committee, not staff.

Local Service Centers

All shareholders serve as the first point of contact for brokers and agents, often by serving as a local service center. Stellar localizes service by enabling shareholders to decide on their own fee structure for MLS services. Traditional association services, such as lockboxes and key services, are always handled by shareholders.