Soaring to Green Heights!

Stellar MLS Proudly Announces New Green Fields in Matrix!

Green information on MLS listings has become more and more important to home buyers, and therefore, more and more important to brokers and agents. Stellar MLS is committed to providing you, our customers, with the relevant tools to make your business successful. The additions of the new Green fields, coupled with what was previously available, means you can now showcase and find properties with verified green information!

Yes, you you heard that right! You can search for properties by the green verification type or energy-efficiency rating just as easily as you can search by price, or location.

Watch the video below for a short demo of the Green tab in Matrix:

The Value of Going Green

2-6% Higher Sales Price

Homes with Green Features sell for 2-6% more than comparable homes without green features.

6% Increase in Sales Price Premium

Energy Efficient Features saw a 6% increase in Sales Price Premium.

3% Increase in Premium

There was a 3% increase in premium when agents market green certifications effectively.

Benefits for Owners, Buyers & Agents

  • Less time on the market
  • Higher selling price
  • More homes that meet buyer needs
  • More realistic idea of monthly costs
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Potential mortgage incentives

Green Resources

Click here to download A Guide To Green Fields In Matrix

Keep reading to learn more about what “Green” means to the real estate industry and how you can implement some quick and easy “Green” policies in your office.

8 Ways Your Office Can Go Greener Today

  • Turn off tap water while you wash your hands
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a conference room
  • Recycle glass, plastics and aluminum
  • Reduce or eliminate your paper usage
  • Bring your lunch to work in reusable bags
  • Use a reusable water bottle or cup
  • Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use
  • Use CFL or LED light bulbs, and opt for natural light when possible

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) have been pushing an initiative for MLS’s across the country to work towards standardization of Green Fields.

The Green Certifications field has been re-labeled Green Verification.

HERS Index is now a lookup value within the Green Verification field. Once you select HERS Index, you will be prompted to enter the actual HERS score in the Metric field.

You can look up local HERS Vendors here:

Metrics are a measurable numeric value (i.e., HERS Index score, U.S. Department of Energy score).

A Rating is a recognition by a governing body (i.e., Silver, A+, Energy Star©).

Currently, the maximum number of certifications permitted is 5.

Yes. Per Article 4, section 28: Entry and disclosure of energy efficient (green) property features in the MLS database is optional. However, if the listing agent selects an option from the Green Certifications field, documented proof of the certification must be uploaded to the listing immediately following listing entry or update.

Note: The penalty for non-compliance is outlined in the General Fines Schedule (See Article 11, Section 4B).

The Green Sustainability field is to provide whether or not sustainable materials were used in the construction of the property.

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