Realtors® Are The Hero of The MLS Story

The Multiple Listing Service is a neutral place where real estate professionals collaborate based on shared rules and reliable data. Stellar MLS always equips our customers with the most accurate and comprehensive data available so that you are best able to serve your client.

In partnership with the Council of Multiple Listing Service (CMLS), we are championing the In The Know™ campaign to educate your buyers and sellers about the Multiple Listing Service and how it enhances your value, as their agent. We want to help you tell the story of the multiple listing service, how access to impartial, reliable market information keeps you, and your clients, In The Know™ throughout the real estate journey.

This Campaign Highlights Two Key Truths that Consumers Should Know:

1. That fully informed real estate decisions based on complete and impartial information are possible only
through your guidance throughout their transaction and your access to the Multiple Listing Service and its vast network of cooperative agents and brokers.

2. That an open marketplace, where professionals like you work together on a neutral platform (the
Multiple Listing Service), to make transactions happen is the best way to get homes sold —not through
apps, portals or any other third party network.

You are The Hero in This Story

The In The Know™ campaign tells this story in language that consumers will understand and in a way that will enhance your value proposition as a participating member of the multiple listing service. This campaign may be a story about the Multiple Listing Service, but you are the hero!

Use these campaign materials to unlock a new conversation with your clients. This is your campaign. Own it. Claim credit. Use it to benefit you!

I meet so many of my customers virtually. Especially now. They're on all the websites looking at homes. When we connect, Stellar's In The Know™ videos, flyers and campaigns allow me to educate them on using the accuracy and dependability of the MLS. THAT connects them to me. THAT - gets me business! - Stellar MLS Agent Jay Wazelle, Robert Slack LLC

In The Know™ Resources

If your buyers and sellers would like to know more about the value of the Multiple Listing Service and how your participation works for them, please direct them to the campaign's consumer informational page HERE.


Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist