A Matrix X "Makeover" is Happening Behind the Scenes!

Updated September 16, 2020

Matrix X Launch

Click below to review and/or download information and watch a training demo of the latest Matrix updates implemented on September 16, 2020.

Review Updates

Matrix X Makeover

Your Matrix platform is in the process of getting a "makeover"! We will reveal the finished product in September! This latest Matrix version will enhance your MLS user experience while empowering you to provide modern service for your clients. 


Demo Day!

Don't worry, all the work is being done behind the scenes, so your service will have minimal to no interruptions. We are working to bring modern updates to the platform's operational functionalities and overall look and feel. Matrix X will be compatible with all the latest browser versions supported by mainstream operating systems. It will combine modern color pallets, iconography, navigation, and state of the art design to bring you an easier to use and streamlined experience.


Designer Updates

Header, Notification and Speed/Search Bar

The global header will be getting a facelift in Matrix X. Expect a clean, new looking header and Speed Bar ans several other meaningful changes to the navigation menu.

  • A new Notifications icon will be on the right, providing a central location for alerting you to important information. New Concierge matches will be housed here as well.

Matrixx Notifications

  • A new “utility menu” under your name will provide access to your settings and other tools.

Martixx Name


  • The Contacts window will be expanded from the current accordion-style format to become a new, full-length page.
  • There will be multiple tabs to provide access to various information within the contacts profile.
  • Icons will be updated for a fresh new look.
  • New widgets provide insights into the contact’s use of the portal.

Screen Shot 2020 08 31 At 12.45.28 Pm


Your Settings will be located in the new "utility menu." The page will have the same options you know and love available but will boast a new look with a modern interface.

Screen Shot 2020 08 31 At 2.45.48 Pm

Map Layers in Matrix 360

Matrix 360 will have new map layers that will provide immediate visualization across the entire market by displaying a small color-coded pin within the parcel of all properties of a certain status, regardless or the current search criteria.

  • MLS Status
  • Tax Data
  • Distressed Properties

Browser CapabilitiesIncreased Browser Compatibility

Matrix X will support Internet Explorer 11,
Edge Browser and the most recent versions of:
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome Mobile
  • Safari Mobile
Matrix Mobile Compatibility 
Matrix Mobile will support the following browsers:
  • iOS Safari
  • iOS Chrome
  • Android Browser
  • Android Chrome


Consult with your Contractors — Aka, Stellar Training!

Save The Date: Facebook Live Sept. 11 Facebook Live

Join us on Friday, September 11, at 11 am ET to preview these upcoming
Matrix X features and more! Stellar trainers will demo the updates and answer
any questions you might have.

Remember, you do not need to register for this Facebook event, here's how you can participate:

  • Like and follow the Stellar MLS page on Facebook. Our handle is @StellarMLS.
  • We will go live 10 minutes before the event and share a watch link with our followers and Matrix news. Click the link to join the live event.
  • Once we go live, you should receive an alert to join our event in your Facebook notifications (if you follow the Stellar MLS page). You may also click on the notification from Facebook to follow our live chat.

We hope to "see" you there!

For questions or concerns, please email us at support@stellarmls.com or call 800-686-7451.

Camille Smith Lai

Communications Coordinator