MFRMLS Celebrates Earth Day - Today and All Year Round!

Green Day2

MFRMLS is pleased to be celebrating Earth Day this year by donating a tree, in the name of each staff member, through the National Forest Foundation. The Foundation’s aim is to plant 50 million trees by 2023. You can read more about their tree planting programs HERE.

Playing Our Part

Here are some of the things that MFRMLS has been doing in our office to play our part in creating and sustaining an eco-friendly environment:

  • LED light bulbs throughout the building.
  • LED light bulbs throughout most of our parking lot.
  • Auto on/off lights in most offices and all conference rooms.
  • Reusable ink cartridges for our printers.
  • Recycle paper via shredder bins throughout the office.
  • Limit paper usage with digital sharing such as emails, and our newest addition IntraStellar!
  • Using a water machine to limit the need to buy bottled water.
  • Using wooden coffee stirrers.

Matrix is Going Greener And So Are We!

As you know, we will we adding new green fields to the Green tab in Matrix, tomorrow, Tuesday April 23. Inspired by this move, our office is becoming more and more green conscious!

Here are even more greener initiatives we are working on:

  • Bio-degradable plates and cups for our breakroom.
  • LED bulbs throughout all of the parking lot.
  • New outdoor sitting area for staff, with Florida friendly landscaping.

Click HERE to learn more about the National Forest Foundation.

Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist