New Teams Feature Coming to Matrix in Q1 2022



A message from Stellar MLS Broker Success Manager Chris Lumia about the new Teams feature coming to Matrix in Q1 2022.



As real estate teams continue to form, grow, and thrive, Stellar MLS will be launching new Teams features in Matrix and the broker portal. The following changes will occur:

  1. Brokers and their designees with office-level access will have the ability to create teams in the Stellar MLS Broker Portal, either designated for account-sharing purposes only or for production credit. Current teams in Matrix will automatically transfer into the new tool and as a default be designated for account sharing only (brokers will need to update teams for production credit).
  2. A team directory will be available in Matrix, showing all created teams and their members.
  3. If a team is designated for production credit, the team can then be added to a listing. Selling credit can also be attributed to a team.
  4. Production and ranking reports will be updated so that they can be grouped by agent only, agent and team, team only, office, or firm.

More information is coming in January, but in the meantime, we encourage brokers to inventory the teams in their office, determine which teams should be designated for production credit once this new feature launches, and develop a protocol for agents to request the formation of a team in Matrix.

Stellar MLS Broker Success Manager, Chris Lumia, provided a high-level overview of these new features at last week’s broker townhall. Watch the replay below.

Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist