Property Panorama


✔ Included with your Stellar MLS subscription

Hands Free Virtual Tours

Property Panorama and Stellar MLS welcome you to the newest Virtual Tour Product, Property Panorama's InstaView Portfolio!

As an Stellar MLS customer, as long as you have at least five property photos uploaded for a respective listing, then Property Panorama will create a free unbranded virtual tour and video, using the first five photos for the tour and the first three photos for the video.

Looking for upgraded, enhanced options to showcase your listings through Property Panorama (beyond the first five property photos)? Property Panorama offers a fully branded InstaView Portfolio. Continue reading to learn more.

Here's How Property Panorama Works:
(for the free unbranded tours and videos)
  1. There is now a field in the MLS system called "Create Automatic Virtual Tour."
  2. As long as there is not a virtual tour already created for a particular listing (i.e. there is not a virtual tour URL in the Virtual Tour Link field), this new Create Automatic Virtual Tour field will be defaulted to "Yes" whenever a new listing is entered into the system.
  3. If the Create Automatic Virtual Tour field is defaulted to "Yes," and you have at least five property photos uploaded, then the first five property photos will be used to create a free virtual tour.
  4. Additionally, Property Panorama will also create a free video, based on the virtual tour, which will include music and professional transitions from scene to scene. The video will automatically upload to YouTube and will be updated whenever you make changes to your listing.
  5. Don't want a virtual tour and video automatically created? Simply change the Create Automatic Virtual Tour field to "No." Also, you can always go back and delete the automatic virtual tour and video by changing the Create Automatic Virtual Tour field to "No."

Note: Every time a listing is updated, the Property Panorama virtual tour and video will automatically update with the correct, updated listing information.

Enhanced, Upgraded Fully Branded Virtual Tour Solutions
(cost associated)

These highly customizable, fully branded virtual tours include: customizable layout, theme and music; agent/brokerage branding options; unlimited images; full voiceover features, integrated maps and school information.

InstaPrint Virtual Flyers (FREE with Branded Portfolio)

Create a customizable, online Virtual Flyer and high-definition printable PDF for each listing. InstaPrint is a great tool for lead generation. If a consumer requests your online flyer, Property Panorama passes the contact information to you.

Property Panorama's InstaView Portfolio is a bundled collection of advanced features and virtual presentations which enable you to create and distribute fully-customizable virtual tours, quickly and easily.

These four presentation types are:
  1. Panoramic Virtual Tours
    Using your images, Property Panorama delivers a panoramic virtual tour, and automatically attaches an unbranded version to the MLS, and creates a fully branded version which can be submitted to any site of your choosing, along with the direct links to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest and Stumble Upon. You can use the same link for you and your broker's web sites.
  2. MobileMedia Tours with TurboText
    A sign on your listing would instruct "Text 984323 to 440-725-TOUR to see a full video tour of this home!" When a prospect sees the sign and texts in the code, seconds later he receives a reply text containing your contact information, price, square footage, beds, baths and other basic information, as well as a link to a video tour of the listing that is specially formatted to work on any cell phone in the world. Competitive products sell for $20-25 per month.
  3. Premium Video Tours
    A premium level video tour is created by Property Panorama using custom-created graphics, professional transitions, exclusive music, key words and other special effects.
  4. Podcast Tours
    Automatically created each time an Elite Suite virtual tour is created, with no additional effort on your part. You can show multiple homes with similar characteristics to buyers without them having to drive to numerous locations.