Updated: May 25, 2023

✔ Included with your Stellar MLS subscription

Real Time Mortgage Payment Information

RatePlug allows you to include mortgage options from up to three of your favorite lenders at the bottom of each listing you email from the MLS system.

RatePlug Benefits
  • Your customers receive accurate, up-to-date information, showing realistic monthly payments for the property based upon current listing price, the lenders rate, property taxes, and projected insurance costs.
  • Strengthens your business relationships with your preferred lenders.

Once you have established an account, you can choose up to three participating lenders from your network. If you don't see your favorite lender, you can invite them to join our network. RatePlug is free for real estate agents; however, lenders pay a licensing fee to be included in the network.

Did you know? In 2014 RatePlug, won the Mortgage Technology of the Year 10X Award. This award honors a company, product or technology that has had an exponential impact on mortgage finance.

RatePlug is TRID compliant!

Give Your Buyers Accurate Payment Info for Each Listing

Understanding home affordability is more important than ever in this market.

Rising interest rates and low home inventory have pushed buyers out of the market because they are unsure if they can afford the housing payment. RatePlug, a tool built directly into the MLS system, lets you share accurate monthly home payment estimates for multiple mortgage products from your trusted leaders directly within the property reports you send your buyers.

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  • No cost for StellarMLS members to enroll*
  • Displays ONLY your trusted lending sources.
  • Interactive, real-time mortgage information.
  • Notifies you of special financing options (FHA, VA, USDA, etc.).
  • Includes Digital and Printable Property Flyer Program.
  • Help your buyers go from "can I afford that?" to "I CAN AFFORD THAT!"

Click here to learn more or to opt-in to this tool that is FREE as part of your Stellar MLS Subscription!

*lenders pay a license fee to be displayed


RatePlug is designed to display live lending information within property listing information. RatePlug is available within the Matrix™ MLS System for Agents and within OneHome for buyers working with participating Agents. Once an Agent opts into the program via an online form, RatePlug’s mortgage payment information will be available to their buyers on every property viewed through OneHome. The Broker or Agent determines the Lender(s) displayed.

The Agent or Broker can go to www.rateplug.com and click on “RatePlug for Agents” and the “Enroll Today” tab to enter their MLS ID number and provide their Loan Officer information. For Brokers, if the Broker is just enrolling themselves as an individual, they can follow the same procedures above. If they would like to assign a lender to all the agents in their office, they can request a Broker enrollment form from RatePlug by calling 1-877-710-0808.

Once you have enrolled online and designated the lender(s) you would like to display, RatePlug contacts those lenders to inform them of your enrollment and to get them to participate with you. It might take a week or two to get them registered and trained. RatePlug will keep you apprised of the progress we are making and might encourage you to reach out to let your lender know you are trying to partner up through RatePlug. If the lender you referred is already active in RatePlug, your account will go active immediately, and you will receive confirmation.

Yes, the magic of RatePlug is the display of real-time mortgage payments on listings. If you do not have a lender participating, there is no mortgage information to display.

Suppose we are unsuccessful in getting your lender to participate. In that case, we can provide you with a list of active lenders in your market to select if you would still like to provide payment information to your homebuyers.

There are no additional costs for Stellar MLS members to participate. Rateplug is just one of the services offered to you through your Stellar MLS membership. Lenders do pay a license fee to be displayed.

RatePlug provides a valuable home affordability tool for your homebuyers to assist them in identifying properties they can truly afford. RatePlug also identifies if listings may be eligible for special financing programs like FHA, VA, or USDA. An additional feature is co-branded property flyers for listings and open house events. Agents using RatePlug are also experiencing a shorter “contact to contract” timeframe than their non-RatePlug using colleagues.

While only one is required for the program to function, RatePlug can accommodate multiple Loan Officers in our displays if you work with more than one lender.

Yes, Loan Officers pay a license fee to be displayed. Pricing is available on our website under the Lenders Learn More tab.

For participating Agents, RatePlug is integrated into the Matrix system as an agent-facing report or as a link embedded in an existing report option. RatePlug displays will automatically be included on listings viewed through OneHome by clicking on ‘Breakdown of Monthly Costs’ in the right-hand column for buyers to view payment information.

RatePlug will display on any listing that you send to your homebuyers through OneHome regardless of whether or not you are the listing agent. Only your lenders will be displayed on those listings.

Keeping mortgage rates up to date is crucial. If your affiliated Loan Officer does not update their rates within 5 days, the display will be temporarily disabled. Once they update rates, they are automatically placed back on display. RatePlug has an automated notification process to notify lenders when their rates are out of date.

No, you do not. Simply enroll online and refer the lender or lenders you want to have displayed.

RatePlug Property Flyer System is a program designed to provide co-branded marketing flyers for an Agent’s listings and open house events. There are multiple templates available, and the Agent should work with their lender to choose a layout.

Yes, the Loan Officer has no search abilities within the database. They can only create flyers for properties you list within the MLS database.

Yes, once you enroll. You will be provided login credentials to access your RatePlug account. After logging in, you can view and edit your account settings, add or remove lending partners, request flyers, and view special financing options for your listings. RatePlug’s member pages also include guided “WalkMe” tutorials on using the program.

You can email support@rateplug.com or call direct at 877-710-0808 for customer service.