✔ Included with your Stellar MLS subscription

Streamline the Showing Process

ShowingTime automates the process of coordinating showing requests between the listing agent and the showing agent. But more than that, it eliminates unnecessary phone calls, improves client service, allows for better accountability and provides better security for the property.

Eliminate Unnecessary Phone Calls

For each property listing in the MLS system, you will find the ShowingTime icon. When you click on the icon, you will have quick access to the listing agent’s showing instructions, and you can request a showing online. An online notepad allows the showing agent to ask questions or add comments, just as they would over the phone. Once the request is made, an email is sent to the listing agent immediately for approval. One email can eliminate phone-tag and save you time!

Improve Client Service

ShowingTime helps listing agents respond quicker to showing agents, and it allows showing agents to respond more quickly to their buyers. As a result, home sellers get, on average, more traffic for listings that take advantage of ShowingTime.


ShowingTime keeps a record of each showing request. Accessing the online reports helps agents follow up with and get feedback from the showing agents. Sellers benefit because their listing agent can show them the level of interest their property is receiving.


Only Florida licensed real estate agents who are subscribers to Stellar MLS have access to property showing Instructions. That means a listing agent knows that a request made through ShowingTime has been pre-screened as coming from a licensed professional. Using ShowingTime helps keep the seller’s property more secure. By integrating ShowingTime with the Supra KeyBox, a listing agent can know exactly when a property was entered and by whom.

Now Mobile!

ShowingTime offers a free mobile app for Stellar MLS customers that is compatible with your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.

The app allows you to schedule property showings and more on-the-go:
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts by automatically coordinating, scheduling and confirming showing requests.
  • Eliminate unnecessary phone calls — the ShowingTime service is available 24/7.
  • Request and respond to feedback from the showing agent right from the app.
  • ShowingTime keeps track of the data for you so you can share listing activity reports with your sellers.
  • Search for listings in the MLS from the app.
  • Enable sellers to download the app to confirm showings and view feedback.