Reminder: Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0 Resources

In March of this year Stellar MLS enacted processes and rules to comply with NAR® Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0. As we approach six months into the policy for Stellar customers, we want to share a reminder about 8.0 best practices and resources.

What are the triggers for 8.0?

Review our guide for a reminder of what actions trigger the 8.0 policy.

Triggers[2] Copy

Click here to download the 8.0 Triggers guide.

What is considered public marketing?

Marketing Examples

Submitting an Owners Exclusion form PDF guide

If your listing is active, but not ready for showings, an Owner's Authorization to Exclude Listing form is required to keep you in compliance with Policy 8.0. Download the PDF tutorial for details on submitting a form through your Stellar Portal by clicking here.

Reporting a suspected 8.0 violation

After reviewing the criteria for 8.0 compliance, if you still suspect a violation has occurred you can report it to MLS compliance through your Stellar Portal. We offer a video tutorial to assist you in understanding the reporting process. Watch the tutorial video below or click here to bookmark for later viewing

How to report a possible Clear Cooperation violation from Stellar MLS on Vimeo.

Consumer handout

If you are working with a buyer or seller who has questions about the parameters of public marketing and the MLS we have created a handout you can share with them. Click here to download the document.

Be sure to bookmark and visit our 8.0 resource page for more information, resources and FAQs.

Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist