Stellar MLS 2019 Service Delivery Report

May 5, 2020

First, Stellar MLS would like to thank all of our customers who participated in our recent survey. Your feedback is a critical pulse check on our service delivery and technology planning, and we genuinely appreciate your time.

Annual Stellar MLS Customer Satisfaction Survey Findings

Survey administered by WAV Group.

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Stellar’s annual survey was distributed and administered by WAV Group. It measures the overall satisfaction of our service to you in fundamental areas, including training, customer service, communications, and products.

2019 Stellar MLS survey results. Click on image to view larger.

There are several key takeaways from the 2019 results, including:

Stellar MLS’s focus on superior service is on target.

Year over year, customers score Stellar MLS between 8-10 on the Net Promoter Score® 10-point scale for overall satisfaction, and the most recent survey results indicate that we are continuing to deliver superior service to you. Our Always Principles guide our service focus and we will continue to place superior service for every customer, every time as the North Star of our business philosophy and operations.

Ease of use is the standard for MLSs in 2020.

Our goal at Stellar MLS is to ensure that you have the MLS technology and training you need for your real estate operation. Technology in the real estate industry is quickly evolving, and new products and solutions are flowing into the market often. 2019’s survey results confirm that our efforts on improving tools that help you search, list, and show properties and quickly access public records are gainful for your business. We will continue to work with our vendor partners to implement improvements such as Matrix 360 and more — and to add new ones into your subscription that support your success.

One of the most significant new vendor integrations we completed in 2019 was to add full Pro level access to the popular Remine platform for every Stellar customer at no additional cost (a $199 per month value). We also welcomed real estate professionals in the Okeechobee and Ocala areas into our growing service area, supporting the idea of MLS data connectivity across Florida (and nationwide).

In addition to product improvements, upgrades, and new coverage areas, in 2019, we launched a new, user-friendly website with a modernized product dashboard, along with a completely refreshed education experience to ensure that doing business with Stellar MLS is easy and convenient.

Online training development.

The majority (60%) of customers who participated in the WAV Group survey told us that they prefer online training options in various formats. Since then, we have added more video tutorials to our on-demand library on Stellar University and are now offering Learn From Home webinars regularly, in addition to Facebook Live sessions on popular product topics and more. Stellar aims to meet you where you are, and we will continue to focus on developing content that is worthwhile to our customers.

In closing, the 2019 survey feedback from Stellar customers confirms that our direction as a company is on track, highlights areas for us to focus on in 2020 and beyond and that the principles we use to guide our service delivery to you are sound.

Thank you for your business. For questions or assistance with your Stellar benefits, contact our Support Team at 800-686-7451 or email us at

Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist