MLS of Choice

You have the power to choose.

As a real estate professional, you want what’s best for your business. Reliable data. Effective tools. Robust resources to help you reach your goals. One of the most critical resources you count on is your MLS. Now, thanks to changes in MLS policy statements 7.42 and 7.43 from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR®), you have the power to choose the MLS that will serve your business best.

Expand Your Market Footprint with Florida’s Most Powerful MLS by Your Side

As the state’s largest multiple listing service and one of the largest MLSs in the country, Stellar MLS connects your business to the data, resources and support you need to grow your share of Florida’s vibrant real estate market.

Rock-Solid Data. Our team works tirelessly to protect the accuracy and integrity of your listing data.

Industry-Leading Technology. Close deals, connect with customers and grow your business to its full potential with access to the most cutting-edge tools in the industry.

Ongoing Innovation. The real estate profession is always evolving, and so are we. As your business needs change, count on Stellar MLS to stay one step ahead.

Dedicated Service. Your most powerful resource is our people. Our support technicians and trainers are always here to help you make the most of our services and tools.

Your ambition has met its match.

The MLS of Choice policy makes it more important than ever for MLSs to provide the value, flexibility and efficiency real estate professionals need. That’s great news for both of us. Because just like you never stop hustling to reach your goals, Stellar MLS never stops thinking about what you need next. That’s how we’ve always operated. Now let us get to work for you.

What is MLS of Choice?

Policy Change

It is a National Association of Realtors® (NAR)-approved update to MLS Policy Statements 7.42 and 7.43, informally referred to as MLS of Choice. These updates may impact how a broker does business.

During the 2017 REALTORS® Conference and Expo in Chicago, IL the Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee brought forward the requested changes. They were then approved by the board of directors, and finally approved by the NAR board of directors.

What Does MLS of Choice Mean for Agents?


Prior to July 1, 2018, many MLS's had a policy that stated that once a broker joined an MLS, all of the agents in that office were to be billed MLS service fees. MLS of Choice changes that business model.

Now with MLS of Choice:
  • Agents can expand their market footprint by picking and choosing which MLSs they would like to join.
  • Agents are no long required to pay fees for MLS services based on their broker’s MLS participation.

This is a positive change for agents AND brokers!

*Note: Agents are still required to join at least one MLS.

What does MLS of choice mean for brokers?


In all situations, the principal broker of an office must be an MLS subscriber before any agent in that office can receive access to MLS data and services.

Letter(s) of Good Standing/Waiver(s):

Stellar MLS will require brokers to provide a Letter(s) of Good Standing/Waiver(s) from the alternative MLS for the agents who are not subscribing to Stellar MLS.