Launching Soon - The Matrix™ Teams Update You've Been Waiting For!


Matrix™ Teams is a Stellar MLS feature available to you, other agents, and assistants to create and manage MLS access and usage among a real estate team. This February, Stellar MLS will optimize Matrix Teams like never before!

Once the Matrix™ Teams updates are implemented, brokers (or broker designees – Office Level access and Office/Firm assistants) can start creating and managing teams via the Manage Office Teams icon in the Stellar Portal, and team leads can start managing teams via the Manage your Team icon in the Stellar Portal.

More new and updated Teams features will include:

  • Enhanced Reporting – View and create Market Reports of your Team's listed and sold properties.
  • Improved Searching – Search by team name to view team listings.
  • Team Displays – Team names will show on active listings.
  • Team Type Options – Brokers and/or broker designees will have the option to designate team type as Access Only or Production Credit.
    • Access Only - access team leader's account to access searches, contacts, input, and share listings.
    • Production Credit - listings can be entered under the team’s name to track team sales and be included in team Market Reports.

Credit Where Credit is Due – Production Credit and Market Reports

Feedback from current Stellar Teams users made one thing very clear – everyone deserves MLS production credit for their hard work on a sale! Stellar MLS is diligently working on production credit for Teams! Production credit will allow team sales to be recorded and tracked by the listing agent or team lead. If a team is designated for production credit, listings can be entered under the team record to track team sales and be included in team Market Reports.

Temporary Production Credit Process for January 2022

After implementing the Matrix™ Teams updates in February, brokers and listing agents will have access to a temporary input form that will allow them to enter a List Team ID and/or a Selling Team ID for listings with a closed date on or after January 1, 2022*, to ensure that proper Team production credit is recorded.

*Please note that production credit cannot be applied retroactively to any listing closed before January 1, 2022.

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Register for Live Teams Training

Join Stellar MLS trainers as they unpack the details of the new Teams updates, including more about production credit and the new temporary input forms. Register for one of the upcoming live webinars by clicking on your preferred date and time:

February 3 @ 1 pm ET

February 8 @ 11 am ET

Stay tuned for more information and the official launch announcement!

For questions or concerns, please email us at or call 800-686-7451.‌

Karmen Joy M. Barrios

Marketing Coordinator