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Published on February 19, 2020 - By Quinn Nichols, Remine

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The March 4th release introduces some exciting options for commercial real estate (CRE) workflows – our first step into the CRE space.

What you need to know about the commercial real estate features within Remine Pro: There are two aspects of this CRE feature release. The first is a light commercial feature set that will be available within the Remine Pro platform at no additional cost, and the second is a integration with Moody’s Analytics that will be available for individual purchase exclusively through Remine Pro.

Commercial Enhancements within Remine Pro

This light feature set is available at no additional cost. In March agents will be able to utilize:

  • Residential vs. commercial toggle: Switch between residential and commercial filters at the top of the window to gain access to 3 new CRE-specific filters: Type, Price, and Size
  • Enhanced property card layout and property details page, tailored to commercial properties

Moody’s Analytics Integration 

*Available for purchase exclusively on Remine Pro

We know that agents can often feel under supported when delving into commercial real estate and that access to commercial data can often be cost prohibitive. We also recognize that working within both residential and commercial real estate is not something every agent wants to do.

To help provide a solution for these problems, we've developed an integration and formed a partnership with Moody’s Analytics. This means that Remine Pro agents will have the option to utilize Moody’s Analytics commercial real estate data from within the Remine platform if they choose.

Moody’s Analytics is known for their industry-leading research, data, software, and professional services.

The Moody’s Analytics integration can be purchased by Remine Pro agents for $49/month through our integration ad-on section within settings.

Key functions and features provided through the integration:

Moody's Analytics Map Layers  

Commercial Location Score (CLS) is the new standard in property assessment. CLS scores every commercial parcel in the United States enabling real estate professionals to consistently evaluate property desirability and suitability.

Commercial Location Score Map Layer

Rent Prediction Model (RPM) is a valuation model which is designed to estimate the current asking rent, expressed as price per square foot, for different CRE property types. The RPM model forecasts expected rent ranges for different areas within an MSA (metropolitan area). *Currently available in NYCWashingtonDC, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area markets.

Rent Prediction Model Map Layer *Currently available in NYC, WashingtonDC, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area markets.

Moody's Analytics Data Located in Property Details Sections  

When agents choose to add-on the Moody's Analytics integration, they will see data from within the property details section. Data regarding the Commercial Location Score (CLS), Rent Prediction Model (RPM), Sales Trends, and Market Trends are all accessible with one click from the property detail page.

Sales Trends makes it easy to compare sales volume and cap rates across markets and identify variations in performance across submarkets.

Sales Trends Example


Market Trends instantly helps agents understand all markets and submarkets by key performance indicators, including current and projected rents, vacancy rates, and inventory growth.

Market Trends Example

To purchase the Moody's Analytics integration simply click on the the CLS or RPM map layers or via the integration add-on section within settings. To learn more about Moody's Analytics visit

Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist