Remine - March Release Shapes Up With Platform Enhancements

Published on February 19, 2020 - By Quinn Nichols, Remine

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Agents ask and we listen! Here at Remine we are all about relationships and listening to what customers and consumers need and suggest. As a result, the March 4th release focuses on making subtle improvements to our platform to help ensure the usability remains strong. A lot of these improvements were made due largely to MLS and agent feedback.

Upload to Cart

Sometimes agents have the need to not search for every single address they want to add to a Cart. As a result, agents will now be able to upload and match property information from a CSV file with the Upload to Carts feature. How it works: After uploading the CSV file, Remine will automatically add all matched properties into a cart for easy accessibility. This gives agents a chance to see more detailed information on those properties with just a few simple steps.


We heard that agents wanted new options for our search bar! As a result, agents can now search by Places, People, APN, MLS #, Agent and Office. This allows agents to narrow down their results easily.

Search pins: You can now pin favorite filters to the filter bar, allowing the system to remember frequent filters - to make searching even easier than before. The same filters are available in the mobile app. (Status, List Price, List Date, etc.)

Nationwide Search: *Available exclusively via Remine Pro. Users can search nationwide when they check the “Nationwide Search” box and can switch between Residential and Commercial.

Improved Search Options

‘Get Me an Offer’ On/Off

Due to the varying way real estate professionals conduct business – agents will now have the option to choose whether they want the ‘Get Me an Offer’ tile viewable to their clients. About Get Me an Offer: this feature allows clients to ask agents if they know anyone willing to put an offer on their house before they list. This may appeal to consumers that may be timid about putting their house on market for personal reasons or they may not want buyers touring their property at this time.

Get Me an Offer Example & Settings

Mobile Default Cart

Remine mobile is built for ease of use – yet we continue to look for ways to help agents be more efficient than ever via mobile. As a result, agents will soon be able to quickly add properties to the cart of choice without having to select a cart each time. If you prefer to choose a cart each time – simply tap on the Cart icon, and choose ‘Cancel’ when asked if you would like the choose a Default Cart.

Agents can always go back to Carts and select the ‘Edit’ icon to make any cart the Default Cart.

Mobile Contacts Import

When inviting mobile contacts into Remine, it was a little too easy to accidentally invite all contacts. For some agents, that could mean over 4,000 contacts! As a result, we’ve removed the function to invite all contacts at once. Agents will still be able to invite individual contacts.

Mobile Agent/Client Switch

It is best practice for agents to create a client account to help them understand what the client sees on their end. Soon, agents will be able to switch between accounts with one click! This resolves the hassle of having to log in and out from both sides of the app each time.

How to switch: From client view, click 'More', 'Settings', then 'Switch to agent account'. From agent view, click ‘More,’ ‘Settings,’ then ‘Switch to consumer account'.

Units List View

Agents have expressed that viewing a building’s units on a property card is not always the preferred experience. As a result, we’re making it easier for agents to take action on the units within a building – agents will now be able to choose whether they want to see units in a building via a property card or table list view.

From the list view, agents will be able to export or add units to a cart.

Units List View Example

Flood Zone

*Available exclusively on Remine Pro. Some agents found it difficult to interpret our Flood Zone maps with the color contrast and without a map legend. To combat this, we added a map legend to the Flood Zone map on the Property Details page and changed the Flood Zone colors to higher contrast colors (orange and red). For added usability, we also added text to communicate that “Low/Medium” Flood Zone Risk has a 500+ year recurrence, and “High” Flood Zone Risk has a 100-year recurrence.

Flood Zone improvements on the Property Details page

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Camille Smith Lai

Marketing Specialist