Stellar MLS Announces Flagship International Data Integration Partnership with Omni MLS

In a move that represents their first venture into international data access, Stellar MLS, the largest multiple listing service in Florida and Puerto Rico and the third largest in the US, announced today its new data integration partnership with Omni MLS, the largest multiple listing service in Central and South America.

Offering access to a wider network of property listings and market insights, this reciprocal access partnership allows for expanded data access and new international referral opportunities for brokers and agents on both sides.

"We are thrilled to partner with Omni MLS to offer our customers expanded referral opportunities in an international market," said Merri Jo Cowen, CEO of Stellar MLS. "This integration represents another milestone in our commitment to creating a future of new opportunities for our customers and our mission to provide impeccable data that is easily accessible. By combining our strengths, we offer our agents and brokers value-added resources to succeed in today's competitive market."

Omni MLS CEO, Ross Edward Buck, also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "By uniting the boundless potential of Stellar MLS in Florida and Puerto Rico with the expansive reach of the Omni MLS in Latin America, we unlock a new era of limitless opportunities. This powerful connection creates a gateway that transcends borders, opening up both markets like never before. Together, we forge a path where real estate professionals can navigate vast possibilities, fostering collaboration, diversity, and growth. In this unified ecosystem, dreams are realized, investments flourish, and cultures converge. The fusion of Stellar MLS and Omni MLS illuminates the path to a brighter future, where the power of connection unlocks unparalleled value for all involved."

Stellar MLS and Omni MLS's alliance indicates a new era of collaboration and innovation in the real estate industry. By crossing borders and facilitating seamless connectivity, the partnership is poised to advance the global real estate market, creating new prospects for its customers.

About Stellar MLS:

Headquartered in Altamonte Springs, FL, Stellar MLS (Stellar) is Florida's largest Multiple Listing Service (MLS), with over 85,000 customers in Florida and Puerto Rico. Stellar MLS is committed to helping brokers and agents thrive in tomorrow's competitive real estate market by offering a comprehensive suite of the industry's best products and world-class customer service. Learn more at

About Omni MLS:

Omni Multiple Listing Service (Omni MLS) is the largest and most recognized subscriber-based multiple listing service in Latin America, serving more than 100,000 real estate professionals. Visit to learn more.