Stellar MLS Offers Enhanced Version of ‘Finding Homes’

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By RISMedia Staff April 12, 2024

Stellar MLS has announced it is now offering an enhanced version of Lundy Inc.’s “Finding Homes” search by voice technology to customers and consumers seeking homes in the MLS’s coverage area.

Finding Homes is a voice-activated property search engine designed to assist real estate professionals and homebuyers in navigating real estate listings using their voice via Amazon’s Alexa app, according to a release. Stellar MLS first partnered with Lundy in 2022 to offer the technology to customers, and is now continuing the collaboration to further improve the home-buying experience.

Stellar MLS stated that the new version, Finding Homes Pro, will provide customers and buyers with even more options, including enhanced intelligence to understand a user’s intended question regardless of how it is worded. For example, a user can say a phrase such as “I use a walker” and the system will respond as to whether the home has stairs, an open floor plan, or accessibility features without a request for those specific fields.

“We are delighted to once again collaborate with the Lundy team to provide easier access to our comprehensive listing data for all users,” said Merri Jo Cowen, CEO of Stellar MLS. “We are constantly looking for new products and services to help our brokers and agents better serve their customers and prospects. That is what Stellar MLS is all about – bringing value to the consumer. We are proud to play a part in expanding access to all customers, which aligns with Stellar MLS’s philosophy of inclusivity.”

“Continuing to build on our partnership with Stellar MLS, we at Lundy Inc. have integrated an advanced language model, making our voice interface the most sophisticated in the real estate market,” said Justin Lundy, Co-Founder and CEO of Lundy, Inc. “This enhancement signals a new era of multimodal interaction, embodying our relentless pursuit of innovation and inclusivity. It ensures that all home seekers, regardless of physical ability, have seamless access to property discovery.”

Other new features of the Finding Homes Pro platform include:

Basic criteria search: Users may search by specifying a standard beds/baths/ price/location search by voice. Finding Homes Pro is more flexible in the way the user can say this, understanding a variety of phrasing such as “I am looking for a $500,000 home in Tampa with 3 bedrooms” and allowing the search to be specified all at once or one or more parts at a time.
Extended search: Users may also specify extended search criteria beyond the basics, allowing search on almost any data field in the MLS feed. For example: A user can include “my son wants a pool” and the skill will filter the homes available.
Scenario search: Rather than specifying particular search criteria, the user can explain their life scenario or motivation for buying, such as “I’m retired and looking to downsize.” Finding Homes Pro will translate that into the appropriate basic or extended search automatically.

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Karmen Joy M. Barrios

Marketing Coordinator