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Fall Follow Up Recordings

The Fall Follow Up Webinar Series was designed exclusively for OMCAR customers and ran through September and October, 2020. If you missed it, don't worry! All session recordings are linked below for you to watch at your convenience.

Fall Follow Up Session 1: Basic Searching In Matrix

September 9, 2020 | 9:30am

Fall Follow Up Session 2 - Searching and Listing Farm Properties in Matrix

September 16, 2020 | 9:30am

Fall Follow Up Session 3 - Matrix X Updates

September 23, 2020 | 9:30am

Fall Follow Up Session 4 - Product Suite

September 30, 2020 | 9:30am

Fall Follow Up Session 5 - Leveraging the Power of MLS Stats

October 7, 2020 | 9:30am

Fall Follow Up Session 6 - Lead Generation Tools

October 21, 2020 | 9:30am

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Stellar MLS invoices subscribers in April each year. You can view your subscription invoice details on your Stellar Portal.

All new Stellar MLS customers are required to complete the following classes within 60 days of joining:

  1. MLS Basic
  2. Compliance 101
  3. Adding/Editing Listings

Note: You will not be able to input and/or edit any listings in the MLS until your required training is completed.

Additionally, all active MLS customers are required to complete a *compliance refresh course every two years from their join date. Lear more at learn.stellarmls.com.

*The MLS Compliance course is not the same as your required Realtors® Code of Ethics course.

Click here for rules and regulations.

Please contact the Stellar MLS Data Services Department at 800-686-7451 Option 4, click here for more info about IDX.

Click here to visit our document library.

Yes. You can download a copy of your user agreement through your Stellar Dashboard - click under your name to access a PDF. You may also click on the link below that applies to you for a copy of each document.

Log into Matrix. Find your name at the top of the homepage. Click the button of the language you prefer to change your view.

When Short Sale is selected under Special Sales Provision, the words “Short Sale” must also be added to the public remarks.

This would be commercial property. Under the Exterior Tab and Property Style field, there is an option for “Mixed Use.”

To share listings from Matrix with your customers, save your customer's search and setup an auto-email notification. Click here to watch a video tutorial!

When an email is sent to a customer, the customer is given a link to your portal site where they can view the listings from auto-emails you've setup. Setup your branded portal site inside of Matrix:

  • Click on the "My Matrix" tab at the top of your Matrix home page
  • Next click on "My Information"
  • And then click on "Portal Profile" to add your info

When entering a listing, under the Listing Distribution section of the Realtor tab, be sure to say “yes” for Internet Y/N/. Also make sure that the Realtor.com box is checked.

Broker FAQs

Click here to download tutorial of the Broker Authorization functions.

Syndication is the distribution of listings from the MLS system to websites (often called publishers) for the purpose of advertisement (i.e. listing display). Syndication typically starts when a listing broker agrees, whether through a direct opt-in method or through a syndication service, such as ListHub, to syndicate his or her listings.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® and the policy of Stellar MLS, the listing data that resides in the MLS system belongs to the listing broker. Therefore, any decision to syndicate is up to the listing broker


Zillow Group




Syndication Fields in Matrix allow for syndication control of individual listings. This option is located under the Realtor Tab in the IDX/Vow section. To opt-into ListHub, visit ListHub.com.

When you electronically sign your Stellar MLS user agreement, you have two options to choose from within the document regarding the management of your copyrighted material in listings. Brokers (known as Participants in the MLS) need to choose how they want copyright matters handled on their behalf. Each option is explained below:

Option 1 — Assignment of Copyright

Brokers who select the “assignment” option assign the rights of their firm’s listing data to Stellar MLS. Doing so gives Stellar MLS the authority to pursue infringement action against any entity on the broker’s behalf that uses their data without obtaining proper permission. Brokers who chose this option will have their data included in the quarterly Copyright submission report filed by Stellar MLS to the governing copyright office. Brokers will receive a license to use their data in any way they choose, but Stellar MLS is responsible for copyright matters related to their firm’s listing data.

Option 2 — License of Copyright

Brokers who select the “license” option are licensing their firm’s listing data to Stellar MLS, but do not permit Stellar MLS to pursue any action related to copyright infringements on their behalf. Choosing this option means the broker handles all copyright matters related to their firm’s listing data, and Stellar MLS will employ no efforts whatsoever to detect or hinder third parties that are not authorized by the firm to use the Participant’s contribution.

Review the Stellar Participant Agreement here.

As a participating broker with Stellar MLS you have complete control over which third party portals, if any, you choose to share your listings with. If you prefer to distribute your listings, we offer several direct syndication options and access to ListHub at no extra charge as part of your Stellar MLS subscription.

To review and/or change your distribution settings follow the steps below:

 Direct Syndication Options

  1. Login to your Stellar MLS dashboard.
  2. Go to the Publishers section in the sidebar and click where it says “Clareity Direct Connect.”
  3. From there you will be prompted to review and complete steps to distribute to Zillow Group and/or Homes.com.

Billing FAQs

Stellar MLS posts your invoice(s) directly to your customer portal. We do not send invoices through the postal service or via email. You will receive a notification via email once your invoice is posted and due. You can review your invoice and pay online through your Stellar MLS dashboard by clicking on the “View/Pay Bill” icon.

Your Stellar MLS subscription payment is due within 30 days of the date listed on your invoice.

Yes. Mail your payment stub and check to:

Stellar MLS
PO Box 740508
Atlanta, GA 30374-0508

Include your MLS ID number on the check