RatePlug is now integrated with OneHome™!

RatePlug is the newest feature to be added to OneHome™. This enhancement will help you provide valuable affordability information and easily promote your trusted lending sources for each property your buyers view in OneHome™.

RatePlug and OneHome: Working Together for You!

RatePlug is a finance tool that helps your buyers understand the mortgage options available to them from your recommended lenders. Now, with OneHome integration, it's easy for you to promote your trusted lending sources and provide affordability information to your customers!

With RatePlug, you can:

  • Present your trusted lending sources.
  • Connect buyers with interactive, real-time payment information for properties they view in OneHome.
  • Offer special financing options for eligible properties (FHA, VA, USDA, etc.)
  • Give homebuyers access to easily contact lenders.
  • Help buyers get pre-approved for the home of their dreams.
RatePlug trusted lender view in OneHome on browser.
RatePlug trusted lender view in OneHome on mobile.

Activate your RatePlug Account

Give your buyers access to RatePlug in their OneHome customer portal by activating your account.

Activate Your RatePlug Account

If you are already a RatePlug user, you can review your lenders and add new loan offices that you trust and recommend. (Lenders must pay a license fee to participate in the program.)


RatePlug FAQs

The Agent or Broker can go to www.rateplug.com and click on “RatePlug for Agents” and the “Enroll Today” tab to enter their MLS ID number and provide their Loan Officer information. For Brokers, if the Broker is just enrolling themselves as an individual, they can follow the same procedures above. If they would like to assign a lender to all the agents in their office, they can request a Broker enrollment form from RatePlug by calling 1-877-710-0808.

Yes, the magic of RatePlug is the display of real-time mortgage payments on listings. If you do not have a lender participating, there is no mortgage information to display.

Suppose we are unsuccessful in getting your lender to participate. In that case, we can provide you with a list of active lenders in your market to select if you would still like to provide payment information to your homebuyers.

Learn more about RatePlug by visiting the product page here.

For questions or concerns, please email us at support@stellarmls.com or call 800-686-7451.‌

Karmen Joy M. Barrios

Marketing Coordinator