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Stellar MLS provides you with the tools you need to succeed. Take your business to the next level by joining today. To activate your MLS account select the appropriate application below, and submit your completed form to us at PRAR@stellarmls.com.

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Current Customers

Current Customers

View FAQs, billing information and data integrity information here.

Current Customers

The Largest MLS Coverage Area in Florida & Puerto Rico

Now more than ever, Stellar MLS is here to support you. Trusted by 18 Realtor® organizations, Stellar MLS offers you access to the largest coverage area in Florida and Puerto Rico.

To view a list of all Stellar MLS shareholders and customers, along with a large version of the coverage area, view our shareholder page at the link below.

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Benefits of Joining Stellar MLS



Stellar MLS offers convenient options to satisfy your required MLS training in English and Spanish. We also offer a wide variety of bonus classes.

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Your Stellar MLS subscription gives you access to a variety of real estate tools to help power and simplify your business.

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Superior MLS System

Houses Matrix

Through Stellar you have access to Matrix™, one of the most powerful MLS systems available with a branded customer portal, auto-emails, ShowingTime and more.

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Required Training

Stellar MLS offers required training as live webinars taught online in Spanish, and on demand (non-live) classes taught in English.

Sign Up for Live Webinars in Spanish

Take On-Demand Classes in English

Additional Training

Stellar MLS offers further training options in Spanish and in English! We have an on-demand video library of videos for Matrix in Spanish, and elective classes taught in English.

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Tools and Services

When you join Stellar MLS, listings are just the beginning. Your subscription also gives you access to a variety of real estate tools to help power and simplify your business.

Showings, CMAs & Virtual Tours


Cloud CMA

Property Panorama

Realtors Property Resource®
(RPR) (Offered by NAR®)

Additional Services


Stellar MLS University

Consumer Site 

Listing Distribution
(Realtor.com, ListHub & more!)

Video On Demand Library

These videos are designed for members of the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors.

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The Benefits of Matrix

Quick Learning For Your Convenience

We offer a variety of short videos with tips and tricks for using all of the features of Matrix offers.

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For Current Customers

Contact Support (Spanish / English)


The most helpful resource we offer is the expertise of our team.

Contact us at 800-686-7451 if you're having trouble, have a question or concern, or just need to talk it through with a real person.

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Stellar MLS University


Success starts here! Stellar University is your online resource for MLS classes, educational materials and training.

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Data Integrity

Accurate and complete listing data is important to any real estate business. That is why Stellar MLS stands behind 100% listing compliance. Ensuring our customers’ success is our commitment to you! For a quick reference guide to common listing violations and their descriptions, download the PDF HERE.

Everything You Need for Business Success

At Stellar MLS, we are focused on creating a future of new opportunities for our customers. As one of the largest MLSs in the United States, with over 80,000 subscribers in Florida and Puerto Rico, more than 300,000 listings in our system, and top-tier RE products and services, we are committed to helping brokers and agents thrive in tomorrow’s competitive real estate market.

Together with our shareholder and customer organizations, and loyal customers like you, we've spent the last quarter-century building Stellar MLS into one of the country's most reputable multiple listing services by providing reliable data and excellent service.

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Billing FAQs

Your Annual MLS fee is due May 16, 2023 at 5 PM ET. This invoice covers your MLS access for the months of June 2023 through May 2024.

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Note: Stellar MLS cannot accept cash or check payments at our office. Preferred payment options are listed below.

To review your invoice online, click 'MLS Login' on StellarMLS.com. Enter your MLSID and password and log into your Stellar MLS account. Click ‘Review & Pay Bill’ under Quick Actions.

  • Option 1 (recommended): Pay online by Credit/Debit Card. Stellar offers all agents and brokers the option to pay their invoices directly through their personal portals. Please reach out to your broker if you have questions regarding the payment of your MLS invoice.
Online Payment Tutorial
  • Option 2: Mail a check.

    Mail your check and invoice to: Checks must be made payable to Stellar MLS and must be mailed via Certified Mail. Please include the MLS ID # on the check.

    Stellar MLS
    247 Maitland Avenue, Suite 2000
    Altamonte Springs, FL 3270

Important Info for Check Payments:
Checks can take up to 2 weeks to process. Plan to mail your check early to avoid delays and a late fee. Please only send checks by certified mail.

Yes. You can use multiple credit cards to process payment.

No, for your security, we only accept check payments through the mail.

No. Full payment is due by the payment deadline at 5 p.m.

Payments will be applied to invoices almost immediately after they are processed, you will receive an email with confirmation of your invoice payment.

When your Stellar MLS invoice is available on April 11 you will be notified via email. You may also access your invoice at pay.stellarmls.com.

Your Stellar MLS subscription is much more than access to the MLS. Please review the Tools and Services section for more details.

There is a link on the home page of our payment portal that will allow you to view invoices posted prior to April 1, 2023.

We are not currently storing your credit card information but will begin storing your credit information safely and securely for current and future billing cycles.

Stellar MLS billing emails are related to your Stellar MLS annual subscription renewal. They are considered transactional emails and cannot be opted out of because they contain vital information about your account status. These emails are essential to the billing process as they ensure you receive the information you need to keep your MLS account active and in good standing.

General FAQs

Please contact us at PRAR@stellarmls.com

You can submit sold data for multiple properties by using our spreadsheet. Click here to download the sheet, and then submit your information to PRAR@stellarmls.com

Click here for a complete list of your subscription benefits. You may also review all of your subscription benefits by logging in on the top bar at StellarMLS.com.

Note: iMapp and Data Co-op are applicable to Florida properties only.

To review your billing details, log into StellarMLS.com and click 'Review and Pay Bill' under Quick Actions.

All new Stellar MLS customers are required to complete the following classes within 60 days of joining:

  1. MLS Basic
  2. Compliance 101
  3. Adding/Editing Listings

Review your class history, sign up for classes and more by logging into your account, then click on the icon that reads “Class Signup.”

Note: You will not be able to input and/or edit any listings in the MLS until your required training is completed.

Only those who are licensed in Florida can list/sell Florida properties; likewise, only Puerto Rico licensees can list/sell Puerto Rico properties. If you and your broker are licensed to do business in both Florida and Puerto Rico, please contact our Admin/Compliance department with related questions at 800-686-7451, option 3.

Yes. As a courtesy, we offer information about licensing requirements in Puerto Rico, click here to download a copy. Contact your local board or association for more information about licensing.

Click here for rules and regulations.

Stellar MLS's headquarters are in Altamonte Springs, FL (near Orlando). We do not have an office in Puerto Rico at this time. Contact us for help with any and all Stellar MLS products and services.

Please contact the Stellar MLS Data Services Department at 800-686-7451 Option 4, click here for more info about IDX.

The consumer website being powered by Stellar MLS is puertoricorealtorsmls.com.

Click here to visit our document library.

Log into Matrix. Find your name at the top of the homepage. Within the menu you will see English/Spanish language options. Click the language you prefer to change your view.

No. You will have to manually input your active listings in Matrix (the MLS database). You will have access to add/edit listings after you have completed your required training.

Yes. All Stellar MLS customers can view listings in any of our coverage areas.

Brokers (known as Participants in the MLS) can choose how they want copyright matters handled on their behalf. There are two options as shown below.

Option 1 — Assignment of Copyright

Brokers who select the “assignment” option assign the rights of their firm’s listing data to Stellar MLS. Doing so gives Stellar MLS the authority to pursue infringement action against any entity on the broker’s behalf that uses their data without obtaining proper permission. Brokers who chose this option will have their data included in the quarterly Copyright submission report filed by Stellar MLS to the governing copyright office. Brokers will receive a license to use their data in any way they choose, but Stellar MLS is responsible for copyright matters related to their firm’s listing data.

Option 2 — License of Copyright

Brokers who select the “license” option are licensing their firm’s listing data to Stellar MLS, but do not permit Stellar MLS to pursue any action related to copyright infringements on their behalf. Choosing this option means the broker handles all copyright matters related to their firm’s listing data, and Stellar MLS will employ no efforts whatsoever to detect or hinder third parties that are not authorized by the firm to use the Participant’s contribution.

The Tax ID field inside of the MLS (Matrix) is required. At this time, if you do not have a Tax ID for the property enter the address instead to satisfy the requirement.

No. Both are completely separate jurisdictions. The way of doing business between PR and FL does not change, but it does facilitate access to information for the REFERRAL market.

No. They are separate jurisdictions, regulated by separate governments with different applicable laws and regulations. In order to list properties in both PR and FL you would need to obtain separate MLS accounts for each reflecting the correct license information for each jurisdiction.

You have to be member of any of our Local Boards and Puerto Rico Association of REALTORS (State Level), as Secondary Board. You don’t have to pay NAR dues again (National Level). The same rule would happen from PR to FL but would need 2 separate MLS ID’s to list under both jurisdictions.

Yes, as long as both, agents and their representing broker (brokerage which is reflected on the listing agreement) are actively licensed in both jurisdictions and both offices are reflected on the listing agreement.

There are many benefits, from different points of view — technology, compliance, mobile applications, reports, maps, among others. However, one of the most significant benefits is the creation of the bridge between PR and FL facilitating the market of REFERRALS between REALTORS® from both jurisdictions.

The Compensation section of a MLS listing shows a brokerage working with a buyer how much they will be compensated if they bring a buyer to that listing.

Offers of compensation can be any of the following:
  • A percentage of the sale price (x%)
  • A flat dollar amount ($yyyy)
  • A percentage of the sale price adjusted for a flat dollar amount (i.e. x%-$299)
Common mistakes entered into the Compensation field to avoid:
  • Entering the full commission to be received from the seller instead of the commission to be shared with the broker bringing the buyer.
  • Entering the percentage of your commission that you plan to share, versus a percentage of the sale price.

Click here to download a PDF guide about compensation information in the MLS.

This refers to a brokerage relationship where the broker is carrying out a transaction for a buyer, but does not represent the buyer and does not owe the buyer any fiduciary responsibilities.

You would have to purchase an unlicensed assistant account for them. They will then have their own account and can then enter listings. Their access level can be set by the broker to either enter listings only for one agent or for the entire office.

If this is a direct feed from the MLS, correct the listing in the MLS first. However, we have no control over third party sites. If the listing is still incorrect, contact the site directly.

Please use the “pending” status.

When Short Sale is selected under Special Sales Provision, the words “Short Sale” must also be added to the public remarks.

A full-service listing is the most common type where the listing broker is carrying out a variety of services to market the property. A limited service listing is an “a la carte” contract where the listing broker is doing certain functions for a set price. For example, the broker receives a set dollar amount only to enter the listing into the MLS.

Exclusive Right to Sell – listing broker has the EXCLUSIVE right to list property and no other broker can list the property during the listing agreement period. If the listing sells during the period of the agreement, the broker is owed compensation, even if the seller found their own buyer.

Exclusive Agency – In Puerto Rico this is called a Semi-Exclusive listing. While the listing broker has the exclusive right to list the property, the seller maintains the right to find their own buyer and not owe the listing broker compensation. They cannot employ the services of another broker though.

Exclusive Listing with Exception – this is an exclusive right of sale listing where there is a “named person” in the listing agreement. If that person buys (perhaps a relative or friend of the seller or someone who has already seen the property before it was listed), then no compensation is owed.

This would be commercial property. Under the Exterior Tab and Property Style field, there is an option for “Mixed Use.”

When an email is sent to a customer, the customer is given a link to your portal site where they can view the listings.

Contact the Stellar MLS Support Center at 800-686-7451.

Agent pictures can be added under the “Add/Edit” tab inside of Matrix. Go to the Add Edit tab, and then to “Edit Existing Agent Roster.” Type in your MLS ID under “Member ID to Modify”, then click “Modify.” Then click “Manage Photos.” This photo goes to the Matrix Agent Directory and to the consumer site.

When entering a listing, under the Listing Distribution section of the Realtor tab, be sure to say “yes” for Internet Y/N/. Also make sure that the Realtor.com box is checked.

Listing Distribution FAQs

It is the distribution of listings from the MLS system to websites (often called publishers) for the purpose of advertisement (i.e. listing display). Distribution typically starts when a listing broker agrees, whether through a direct opt-in method or through a syndication service, such as ListHub, to syndicate his or her listings.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® and the policy of Stellar MLS, the listing data that resides in the MLS system belongs to the listing broker. Therefore, any decision to syndicate is up to the listing broker




Distribution Fields in Matrix (allow for syndication control of individual listings.) – Located under the Realtor Tab > Listing Distribution section.

You also have the option to distribute your listings through the ListHub network of publishers.

As a participating broker with Stellar MLS you have complete control over which third party portals, if any, you choose to share your listings with. If you prefer to distribute your listings, we offer several direct syndication options and access to ListHub at no extra charge as part of your Stellar MLS subscription.

To review and/or change your distribution settings follow the steps below:

 Direct Syndication Options

  1. Login to your Stellar MLS dashboard.
  2. Go to the Publishers section in the sidebar and click where it says “Clareity Direct Connect.”
  3. From there you will be prompted to review and complete steps to distribute to platforms you choose.